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I miss writing.

I can't really write very well from my phone or my tablet, and digging out the tower to use a keyboard is difficult and obnoxious.

I need a keyboard.

I also kind of need that keyboard ready for me when I feel an urge to write. I'm not a very self-disciplined person. I'm not someone who schedules her art. I am someone who will be driven out of a sound sleep with an idea, someone who used to live surrounded by notebooks and pieces of paper. I'm trying to be paperless, and I got most of the way there.

Then The Powers That Be took my internet and my computer away from me.

My hand doesn't write fast enough to keep up with my brain. And once I got used to being able to edit on screen, lost my best physical editing skills.


And oh, there are stories. I'm still creating stories, I just do it in my head. I'd sure like to write them down.

I suppose I'll have to schedule some writing time. Maybe I can give up bathing? Or eating? Nothing will make me give up sleeping.

The good news is that my S.O. did some real work in the last couple of weeks, so hopefully he can throw some bucks my way. Unfortunately, the Real Work is random.
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So it happens that if I wanted to actually sew for a living, there are jobs available. I'm planning to see if any of those opportunities would be open to my S.O., since he has actually done factory assembly for clothing. (Me, I'm a custom-art-project worker.)

However, I am not sure that a sewing job is what I want at this time. It's becoming clear to me that the work I do is valuable to me, I love my customers, and I appreciate the challenges that are thrown in my direction.

My problem is in how I'm treated, and how I'm managed.

And that one worker who can only do the sales portion of our job. The latest weirdness? She recently whined to anyone who would listen about how *TIRED* her arm was after dusting the whole department. She came up with a "Dusting Chore List" divvying up all the items in our newly-expanded area amongst the various members of our department. As she is NOT my manager, I politely declined. What's weird is that I was the only one to politely decline.

The other thorn in my side is my S.O.'s P.O.
I think I've complained before about her, but it's just frustrating. She's a short, slender blonde woman who adds extra "s" to all of her siblants and often uptalks... while being nasty and exhibiting bully tactics when dealing with my S.O.
And my immediate knee-jerk reaction to bullies, and particularly Mean Girls is to pull out the STOP THAT cannon and open fire.

We've butted heads.

Which is a shame. I should be her ally, but she worked really hard to alienate me immediately. She's even gone so far as to say things to my S.O. like, "Well, if I were her that would be a deal-breaker".

Because people in his position clearly don't *deserve* a partner.

And since he can't use any of his marketable skills due to the restrictions placed on him by the system, he's working minimum wage physical labor jobs and taking home peanuts. She wouldn't let him take a promotion at the factory because he'd have to push the "Enter" button on a computer to confirm weights on the line. BECAUSE ITS A COMPUTER AND OMG YOU ARE A SMART PERSON AND I DON'T ACTUALLY KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT HOW COMPUTERS WORK AND YOU'LL USE THE ENTER BUTTON TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD AND EAT A BABY.

And that's the other thing that completely chaps my @ss. She's clearly threatened and intimidated by intelligence.
And assertiveness.

You can imagine how she sees me.

She has threatened him with re-incarceraton more than once. She has used the threat of federal searches to tell us that our home is unsafe and unsatisfactory. (Gee, the FBI didn't seem to have any trouble searching our property when they blew down our door at 6am with a warrant.)

The other day, I was at work and my S.O. was watching Anime with a mutual friend. She had been kind enough to bring her copy of Black Butler so that he could see it. The P.O. shows up, and gives him the third degree about "What are you watching?" and also, "Why is SHE here? Where is (Kukla)?"

I sent her a letter, last year. In it, I let her know what my general schedule is, particularly that I'm at work in the evening on Mondays and Thursdays. I've repeated this to her in person several times.

She couldn't be bothered to keep track of this stuff. I'm willing to bet that she doesn't even really know what my S.O. was convicted of, what the circumstances were, or anything about his life. She's just in charge of bullying him so that he won't EAT A BABY.


We have discussed complaining about her to a supervisor, but I'm not sure how to go about it. I found a friend of a friend who is a P.O. and her opinion is that we're being mistreated. I intend to talk to that person about how I can register a complaint.

My S.O. says that he's worried that we'd be getting rid of "King Log."
I pointed to the beak marks on our life and said, "Oh, no, honey. We've got King Stork now. I'm personally ready for a more different stork, or a new log."

Thing is, I just threw a reading with my cards and got really positive outcomes. But we're being crossed with The Empress.

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Hey, True Believers!

I'm going to be doing Tarot Readings as the Faerie Oracle, and face/body painting at the event tomorrow! Here is the info from the folks putting this on:

Yoga in the yard will feature local collection of wonderful vendors & a variey of events through out the day. Kids 12 & Under are free.



FACEBOOK EVENT: facebook.com/events/263636184078746

More information at ticket site or on Showme-event.com

Stay up to date and follow our facebook event.

I'll be sharing a booth with Curious Cat Clothing/Body and Soul Henna/The Trouble With Trivets (You know who I mean). The other vendors look kind of awesome, btw. Even if Yoga isn't your thing, you might enjoy the festive atmosphere and fun of the event!

I'm bringing several of my decks of cards, and have several styles of reading to work with, including my Wizard of OZ deck/spread, my Fluffy Happy Arch Deck, my Psychic Root Canal Deck, and the Cat People deck.

And I'll be showing off the old Queen Mab outfit, so if anyone has been missing the old Faerie Queen, come and visit and bask in her majesty.
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I've got some time to do some blogging finally. Brad had his second knee replaced on Tuesday. I'm his Joint Coach (and being a Joint Coach on April 20th is likely to be funny to certain people) which really means that I help with his physical therapy and I fetch and carry for him.
It's vacation for me; this is a lot less than I deal with on an average day.

On the other hand, I did have to pull the trigger on vacation pay so that I could take the time necessary. I was kind of hoping that my S.O. would get a two-day schedule (as he has been getting for almost a month) so that I could get some hours in and reserve that other week of vacation pay, but no. His employer suddenly needed him five days this week.

OH, well. I get to spend quality time with Brad, get some sewing done for him (and me), soak up the internets (MMMM SWEET DELICIOUS INTERNETS) and the like.

I do have an event on Saturday, which will get its own post.

Part of why I've had no time for all this is that we ran our BJD Convention back-to-back; The first five years it was in November, then this year we hosted it in March.

BUT that means that I won't be as insane this fall, which will be nice. March is a good time for it, so long as we do NOT schedule it opposite NakaKon again. (Not that NakaKon has paid the slightest attention to St. Louis events in the past...) The super good news is that Naka took the weekend of St. Patrick's Day, which is sacred to me for SO MANY REASONS so I can camp out on a different weekend next year. WHoo!

Our financial situation is still dicey. For those of you who are taking a big breath to join in, I want to be really clear about this: Rent is one of my whole paychecks. I get paid every two weeks. For the last month, my S.O. has gotten a schedule that included two whole days each week. This is "Choose which utility to pay based upon when they're shutting it off" poor, not "Oh, no, I can't afford to buy that fun thing" poor. This is "Choose between food/gas and insurance" poor, which is part of why we don't get a tax refund. We actually get the best deal if we file as "Married, filing separately" which almost never happens.

I'm trying to get more embroidery work, but my employer has basically told me that I'm not allowed to consult on the side anymore. Apparently, there was some employee at the other store who seriously said, "Oh, you don't have to buy that machine. I own it; I'll do your project for you for $$."
Which, let's be honest, is not professional or appropriate. However, the Powers That Be (who can afford their own insurance even if they don't provide any to us) also object to the following conversation:
"Kukla, you're a great teacher. I really need some help with my machine."
"NO problem. Bring it in and I'll do a one-on-one class with you here at the store."
"Yeah, but I just had knee surgery and I'm not supposed to be carrying it around. I was kind of hoping to have you come to my house and help me?"
"Sure, but I charge a consulting fee since I'd be driving to your house during my personal time."
"No problem. I'll pay you whatever you want to come over and help me in my own sewing room one-on-one."

I'm no longer allowed to do that.
I tried pointing out that our store only does in-home visits once per purchase of the big expensive machines. (Giant quilting machines set up on a frame and professional embroidery machines.) It's part of our deal. However, there has never been a fee schedule set up for customers who want additional in-home classes. I've even been told, "No, we don't want to do that."
So I did it on my own as a consultant.

Now I'm being told I'm not allowed to do that at all, but we still don't have a rate to charge customers for it!

It gets worse.
That in-home visit? That's me. I drive there. In my car.
I've been informed that my employer will reimburse me for mileage OR pay me for my time driving. I'm not allowed to be paid both.
That's some old bullshit.
When I was doing that once or twice here or there, it was less of a big deal. I've now driven to Eureka, Troy, Pacific, and the like. (50 mile radius is the theory.)
So I have to drive to work, clock in, then drive to Eureka (for example) but I don't get my mileage reimbursed. I pay for the gas out of my pocket.

So I'm going to renegotiate my deal with the owner.
The fact is, I'm their only full time educator. I'm the only one who can teach these big machines, particularly since our professional quilter retired. If they want me to pay for the gasoline and wear and tear on my vehicle, I am not going to do on-site visits anymore.
They can find someone else to do it.
What's more, the idea that I can't teach on my own time is ridiculous. I have worked very hard to avoid conflicts of interest; I'm not going to sell myself at the expense of my employer. However, my time is my own. I'm not working for another dealership; if nothing else I'm promoting my employer. I have never consulted with a client without recommending some particular product or service. I don't service machines in homes, I recommend bringing in the machine to be serviced. I don't sell clients thread or stabilizer out of my stash, I suggest products we carry in the store. On a couple of occasions, customers asked me to buy things on their behalf and hold them at the store; I do the transaction over the phone once I'm back on the clock and the customer picks up their goodies the next time they come it.
I also have particular customers who bond with me personally and don't want to deal with some of the other employees. One young professional was treated very discourteously by the actual store manager (which surprised me until I found out that the reason she was snippy was something my immediate supervisor screwed up.)
Some of the ladies "feel uncomfortable" around the current management. Some of them straight up don't like a particular employee. When someone like that asks me to help them out, I don't object to that. I should be paid for my time, and I'll use it as an excuse to sell them some stuff from my store in a way that keeps them from having to deal with the people they don't like.

Yet, somehow, the owner has been persuaded that we're stealing from her.

I know who did the persuading, too.

I may have to have a parachute ready. I need to be able to say, "Or I'm out of here." I might be able to work in sewing or something; one of my newly former coworkers has a great job doing alterations and I could probably get in there doing that work.

But I did this dance at the end of the year, and while there was a slight improvement, things are getting awful again.

Psst: Someone find me a job that pays well enough to support my household, offers good insurance, and uses something from my amazing skill set? Please?
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Goodbye, 2016.
It was not nice knowing you.

Any year you can walk away from is a good year, right?
Not really. How many of you remember 2006? This was like the shitty leftovers turned zombie meanace version of that year.

To be fair, I'm employed, have a place to live, and my S.O. Gets to live with me.

But I'm going to go drag 2016 behind the shed to shoot it, and I plan to leave the carcass out as a warning. (Checks the time) yep, I'm gonna go grab the shotgun now...
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The season is in full swing by the look of things.

I joined a church choir, and I admit that I missed singing in a chorus. We're working on the Christmas Musial, and it sounds great. A couple of weeks ago was the annual Choir Banquet, and a "Christmas Music Night" at the church as well. Yay! Singing! Yay! Eating!

Anyone who wants to hear me sing in the choir on Christmas Day is welcome to the services at Overland Baptist Church. The party starts at 10:15am and on Christmas will include the musical presentation we've been working on. It's been really fun putting it together.

(I should amend that; everyone is welcome at OBC. For real. More on this in a different post.)

I'm looking around at New Year's events. One in particular stood out: Casaloma Ballroom is having a "do", with a 20's theme and burlesque show. It's around the corner from me so I can stumble home in peace and get a nap before going to work on New Year's Day. (Don't have to be in until 11:45, though...)
Also, there's been discussion of a party at the dwelling of the Curious Cat, which would likely be another excellent option.
On the other hand, my S.O. can't attend either one of those.

So if you know about some New Year's Eve revelry that does not include sexy shows OR children in the house, let a Kukla know!!
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Oh for crying out loud.

The truck, my beloved green Sonoma mini-truck, needs to be taken behind the shed and shot. It's been driving badly for a while now, and I finally took it in to get it looked at. Verdict?

Brake cable snapped; needs to be replaced.
Rear brake cylinder also needs to be replaced (probably due to damage from when the brake cable went. It's leaking brake fluid.)
That, alone, will be around $600. If that was all, I'd have blown everything I have to get the work done. I need a vehicle that runs.


It also needs new tires. Why?
The front alignment is completely wacky. What's more, it's old enough that the parts in question are rusty, so my mechanic will really have to replace things like tie rods and whatnot rather than adjusting them, to the tune of about $1000.

He actually opened the conversation with, "So, how much money do you want to sink into this truck?"

Engine runs ok, transmission shows no issues... so far. BUT there's another problem:
The odometer is... perhaps compromised. There's been a strange electrical problem in the dashboard for a while now. Periodically, there's a rave party in there, and everything lights up randomly. Sometimes the odometer is blank. Sometimes it shows a reading and changes as I drive. Sometimes it shows unparsable symbols and does nothing. The trip odometer resets each time I start the vehicle.

But, if the odometer (which is weirdly working today) turns out to be accurate, I'm at about 127000 miles.

It's an 03.

And here's the awful part: I still owe $2700 on it. Kelly Blue Book won't even give me a value on the damn thing in its current condition. I'm behind on the payments, too. Plus my credit is wrecked.

I talked to the Fusz network, they had a vehicle I wanted. However, they won't sell me something for less than about 10K. I don't really want a $10K vehicle. (Frankly, I don't want another vehicle, but I don't see a solution.) So I could get into a car I don't want for a price I don't want to pay, but it will likely be reliable for a couple of years while I figure my stuff out. I could maybe trade it in later for something more in keeping with my needs, I guess. They really want to shoehorn me into a Chevy Malibu or some such.

I went to Carmax; they have options, but the options are similar to the Fusz network. To be fair, I decided that the Dodge SUV/Wagon? wasn't too bad, although it was SILVER which... BLEAH.
Plus Carmax prices skew high; I have fear of my car not having any value after two years, compared to what I will have paid on it at that point.

I went to a little buy-here-pay-here place, they had the car I wanted, though not in the condition I would prefer. High miles, cheap price. I'd be paying $135... every two weeks. (Which to be fair is what I was paying before, split into two payments instead of coming due at the same time as RENT all the time...)
But they don't want my truck.

So it looks like I can:
Let Wells Fargo eat my truck. Volunteer to let them repossess it. Hope it doesn't wind up costing me money after they sell it. To be fair, my credit is already wrecked; I might as well just let them have the damn thing since I can't get it street-safe. (BLARGH.)
Then I could save up the $1000 that the corner place wants for their POS I'm trying to buy.

I could try to get Fusz to eat the truck, and drive something I don't like for too much money.
Ditto for Carmax.

Can I curl up in a corner and die now?


Sep. 8th, 2016 09:02 pm
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My birthday approaches. Thank you to everyone who texted my S.O. on his birthday; it really brightened his day!

He's in charge of my party this year, so get in touch with him for the details.

See, this year I wanted a party where I am the guest of honor, but I am not the host. I've been throwing my parties for years, and it's nice to have a break from hosting duties, particularly in this crazy busy month.

Since there *is* a party, on the 23rd, some of you might be considering giving me gifts. Here's the greed list for 2016:

Tickets. Concert tickets. Event tickets. Live theater tickets. They don't take up space in my home and give me something valuable and wonderful. Support live theater/performance, and give a great gift at the same time. Tickets to what, you ask? ALL THE THINGS.

Consumables. Food, paper goods, home-baked goods, adult beverages, etc. I always like to get toilet paper and paper towels! I love Lush products!

Gift Cards: Lush, QT, Walgreen's, Schnucks/Shop N Save/Aldi, Target, and eateries.

DVDs (but not Blue-Ray): We have no streaming and no cable; whole seasons of shows are welcome right now, as are movies, concerts, etc.

I have a ton of household goods. I have plenty of clothes. I'm drowning in fabric. I have lots of shoes. I'm dripping with jewelry.
I do love hand-crafted items, so if you *make* jewelry, I will love any pieces you create for me, but don't buy me any of the things on that list.

Maybe I want?
I still love BJDs, Machine Embroidery, and costumes. I just have limited spaces in which to keep them. So if you want to get me something for my dolls, my embroidery machine, or my costume wardrobe, maybe discuss it with me first.
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August 9th, 2016
Dear Mr. Page,
I am a St. Louis resident, and I have attended various theatrical productions over the years. I have been privileged to see you perform in many shows, and I always look forward to more. You have a magnificent stage presence and a truly beautiful voice. I ought to have written you a fan letter long before this.
Tonight I was witness to an unusual event. Protesters came and staged a revolt at the back of the Muny, just after the intermission. Having never seen Aida, at first I thought it had something to do with the show, but it quickly became apparent that this was an outside contingent. While I applaud their message, I was saddened by the choices that the protesters made about how they presented their appeal. Their interruption was disrespectful to the show, the performers, and the crew who work so very hard at the Muny to provide entertainment.
And this particular show was important, for a variety of reasons.
Once things calmed down, you stepped onto the stage with Michelle Williams, and addressed the crowd. For years, I have seen you transform yourself into a variety of characters for amusement. However, tonight I saw you transform into a spiritual leader for all mankind, and for a moment, the air shimmered.
I agreed with every single word you spoke. You reached out and embraced us, reminded us of our humanity, and reminded us that the show we had all come to see had an important message, too. With enormous dignity and grace you smoothed over the interruption and you wove your audience (and fellow performers and crew) back together into whole cloth.
Your words touched me, personally, in a way that I am not sure I can ever explain, but I wish to try. You see, I arrived at this performance pondering a personal issue. I am contemplating a career change, and a drastic one at that. I feel that I am being called into a life of non-denominational religious service. You spoke from the heart, and touched my spirit. You reminded me that we are all in service to each other, every day, regardless of who we are or what our job might be.
Thank you, Mr. Page. Thank you for being such a kind, thoughtful, understanding human being. Thank you for sharing your gift of eloquence with us tonight. Thank you for your ongoing performances. Thank you for reminding me that the divine speaks through us at the most unexpected times, even complicated ones. Thank you for being yourself. You are a star, and a hero.

Your fan very truly,
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I am blown away by Panic! At The Disco's latest videos. They're doing some really interesting things lately. There's the following (And yes, there are Loki Fan Vids to this song, mwa ha ha ha ha) plus their video for "Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time" below that for your viewing pleasure. Em... maybe don't watch these at work.

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I looked up tickets for Young Frankenstein. See above. The "cheap" seats are going to be like $50.

The awful thing is that the show is absolutely WORTH that. I'm serious; it's a fantastic show. I loved it immensely when I got to see it at the Fox, several years ago.

However, that's like my entertainment budget for the month, most of which I already blew last night at Sanctuaria. (I bought a pitcher. Of gorgeous goo. I regret nothing.)

Now, if I could get to the line early enough, it might be worth trying to get to the free seats. However, I'm not sure that's going to work. I do have to be at Jackman's until close on Friday, which is 6pm.

So my thoughts are as follows:
I could try for the Saturday night show, get there REALLY early with a picnic lunch and hang out in line for hours to see the show for free, and then hit the Tiki Bar afterward for a Swinging Saturday Night Crowd...


I could bat my eyelashes at my friends and see who wants to buy me a ticket in exchange for, say, a ride, and then hit the Tiki Bar afterward for a Frolicky Friday Night Crowd...


I could give this show a miss this time (oh no!) and just hit the Tiki Bar for a delicious cocktail. After all, I can't bring The Sig Other to the show; he can't go to parks, and the Muny is located in Forest Park...


I could see if a certain REALLY close friend of mine could maybe swing me a ticket for Friday or Saturday. Said friend has... connections. Heck, if she can't get me a seat, I have a second friend who isn't as intimately close to me but REALLY likes me (and hey, it's even possible that she'd LIKE to be that close to me, heh) who also has connections.

Weigh in, if you have opinions.
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I might like to get a group together to Go Tiki later this week. Just saying.

Also, YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN is playing at the Muny starting on Wednesday; does anyone want to try to get to the Friday night show? I might even want to spring for actual *tickets*.

This is an AWESOME show. The Muny got in the original Broadway costumes, too, btw. My friend the Curious Cat has been touching them all week. Lucky kitty. (She's working in the costume shop for the Muny this season; it pays extraordinarily well. I admit a weird temptation.)

So maybe it might be Muny then Tiki on Friday?

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WHOOPS. Turns out that Twisted Tiki is indeed closed on Tuesdays. Therefore, we are moving the party to Sanctuaria, the Tappas place across the street.

Speaking of social time, [livejournal.com profile] bradhicks has a birthday on Monday. Unfortunately, I work late on Mondays, and I'm broke as a joke. (Three or more months of not being able to do my embroidery business has HURT.)

I get paid on Tuesday. I'm also OFF on Tuesday. I proposed a gathering at Taha'a Twisted Tiki in the Grove. So let's celebrate his birthday (albeit slightly belatedly) and enjoy some food and Mai Tais!

I'm not sure what times he's posted on The Book Of Face, but basically consider it a "Happy Hour" arrangement. I'm game to be there from about 5pm until close to midnight, but I'd say to feel free to swing by for an hour and toast the Birthday Brad.

And yes, I'm using him as a lure to get my friends to come and play. Or maybe I'm using me as a lure to get him a Birthday Party. Hint: My Significant Other will be there, so maybe leave the kids at home for this one? Also, it's a bar?

So put on a summer sarong, Hawaiian shirt, or just a lei (over your clothes) and join us for some Twisted Tiki fun!

Oh, and if you don't own a Hawaiian shirt, perhaps you need to contact Curious Cat Clothing and pick one up. Just saying.
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We wound up having to rent a storage unit, but we got everything out of my father's house.

In theory, this means that I don't ever have to speak to him again. That's my current plan.
And you know, considering how much family I've chosen over the years, I feel pretty comfortable deciding that some of my "blood" relatives can maybe go do their own thing, far away from me.

Maybe some day I'll no longer be angry with him. Maybe some day I'll grow up enough to forgive him for his mistakes, missteps, and misdeeds. Maybe I'll find myself with enough "spoons" to start building a bridge again.
It's just that the bridge was all my doing, and some of my step-mother's doing. He's a grown man; by now he should be responsible for his own feelings. And, if the way he raised me makes ANY kind of sense, he should deal with the consequences of his own actions.

So maybe someday when I'm not his daughter anymore, I might be able to figure out a way to be his friend.

This was going to be a big post about how good I feel to be done dragging boxes around. I do feel relieved to be done with the "move". I still have a ton of stuff to manage, and I'm still going to be putting things away for the rest of the year.

I can at least be social once in a while now. I can at least visit with someone for lunch, or spend quality time with kids who love me and miss me. I can maybe consider attending social functions.

Just uh, don't bring up my father, ok?
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If you like any of the above, you really ought to come to our Midsummer Night's Labyrinth event next weekend.

June 24, 2016
OBC Educational Building (Near the intersection of Midland and Woodson.)

All of you will fail entirely to be surprised that I'm throwing an event with a Labyrinth/MND theme. Really, it's just another one of my Goblin Ball concepts, this time skewed toward the doll collectors.

BUT WAIT: I'm going to have a sale table, and while there will be toys there will also be... costumes. Partylite pieces for stupid cheap. Clothes. Kitchen gadgets. Things. Stuff.

And I'm not the only dealer, either; I've got two people interested in sharing their wares.

Plus, we will have a Goblin King!

Feel free to share a snack on our pot luck table, and don't forget to add to Can's Labyrinth! We're going to build a Labyrinth out of donations to the food pantry, so be sure to bring some canned food, personal care items, etc.

There will be raffles, and donations to the pantry earn you free raffle tickets!

Let me know if you need more info (or visit our website at stlbjdcon.com)
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Still working on a Place For Everything, but I'm really pleased with the new layout of our apartment.

My S.O. has been designing and setting up The Media Room. Other people might have a "living room" or a "Family room". We have a Media Room. He set shelves into the wall above the Couch of Doom so that we can project onto the opposite wall. He also put up speakers and hopefully we can get the surround system working eventually.
We're planning to put books, DVDs, and gaming materials in that room, in addition to "kitchen overflow". My tea things are likely to go in there, along with unusual dishes, special party goods, etc.

The middle is the masterpiece. Er. I mean the Master Bedroom. It's the only bedroom, though I've now slept in each of the rooms except the kitchen. (Time for a post-meal nap?) We have a mantelpiece for a headboard. It's the first thing you really see when you come up the stairs. You should see that thing lit up with candles; it's glorious. There will be some fine-tuning in there (there are two dressers that need to switch places, I think) but as it is it's gorgeous.

The front room is now my Studio. It's not ready for me to *use* yet, but it will be, oh yes, precious. I'm still working out the positions of the bookcases and other furniture, but it's going to be a pretty phenomenal space. And the one window will KEEP it's pirate flag. (Yes, you can find my place by looking for the pirate flag in the second floor window. Is anyone surprised? I thought not.) It's also the largest room in the house and part of me is still dancing gleefully.

Other than the horrific storage problem (I seriously had two bedrooms devoted to nothing but storage) I'm quite pleased with our space. in truth, I was only using a bedroom, the living room, and the dining room of the Mint Cookie for my living space anyway.

Of course, there are drawbacks. When the weather doesn't dip below 90 at night, it turns out that even the central A/C can't keep up with it on the second floor. It gets WARM in there, man. So we complained to the landlord and he sent a maintenance guy to check it out. Their solution was to deliver a brand new window unit. Now I know why all the windows seem to have random wood scrap; I'll bet the previous tenant had window units on top of the central A/C, too.

And the bathroom continues to be entirely too small, but the kitchen is HUGE, so that kind of makes up for it.

All this points to one thing:
UNDERWEAR PARTY. This is THE place to throw an UNDERWEAR PARTY. Everyone, go find your most comfortable, most entertaining underthings. Sometime soon we're all going to lay in a big pile and watch something weird.
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In my store, I sometimes meet celebrities. When we host events, they're "Sew-Lebrities".

However, most of the time the person in question is just in the store, buying fabric. Big Name Fans, local performers, Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus, that kind of thing.

Recently, I saw a young man come in and he was looking at fabrics at the front of the store. I recognized him from his posture, and his grace. I finished what I was doing, and then approached him with a friendly smile.

"Hi there," I began.
"Oh, hello," he replied.
"You perform locally on stage, don't you?"
"Uh, yeah, I do."
I hit him with my biggest smile. "I've seen you perform."
"Burlesque?" He asked, hesitantly.
"Yep. And I must tell you that I love your work. You are a genuinely gifted performer. I look forward to your future shows!"
"Oh," he replied, faintly surprised. "Well, thank you!"
"You are entirely welcome. We know some of the same people, too." I played the six-degrees-of-separation with him, because he's performed with the sister of someone extremely close to me.
Like, close enough that I had to be... vague... about it since my coworkers were in earshot.

Now. Those of you who know me, know that if I like something or someone I say something. I speak up. What's more, I'm far more likely to compliment an actor or singer on their specific work rather than that "I love you, man" or "I'm such a fan of (character name)". For me, this was a rare opportunity to make a connection with a talented performer, who is MOBBED after his shows and very hard to get close to during the after-show after-glow.

But, the coworker who rang up his sale came to me afterward and said, "You just made someone's day." She was just delighted that I had fangirled this guy and he apparently was delightfully overjoyed to have been recognized.

Today that same coworker came up to me and awkwardly said that in light of what has been happening, she was so glad that I had said such sweet things to that young man.

It took me a minute to process this, and then I realized that my middle-aged white sewing lady coworker witnessed the following:

A man came into our store. This is slightly unusual, but like many men who come into our store, he showed signs of being gay.
He was shopping, and I walked up to him and told him that he was beautiful, and that I loved his art.
The art in question is stage burlesque.

I'm not trying to toot my own horn or anything, I'm simply staggered that someone would think that what I did was special.

Be not afraid, folks.
When you like something, say something. Did your waiter impress you, bring you out of your Hangry bad mood, or do something over the top to make your day? Tell his manager. Did your bartender help you through your tough moment? Let her boss know that she's brilliant. Email your favorite comedian or comedienne and tell them that they've touched your life. (Psst: I did. She wrote me back!)

And tell your friends that you love them. Tell them that they have positively influenced your life. You never know when a kind word will dramatically improve someone's world.
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Ok, so we're down to the last few pieces of furniture, and a metric ton of boxes.

I'm hoping for some Box-Brigade action this weekend. I'm off both Saturday and Sunday. However, my S.O. is on the hook to work both days.

So I need bodies! Helpers! HALP!

Ideally, I would like to be FINISHED this weekend, or at least get the last of my junk off of my father's property.

Anybody who can help, at any time between 10-10 either day: Let me know. Text me, call me, email me. Checking this journal for responses takes a while; it's linked to an email that is hard to get on my phone. Kids and Teens welcome until 3:30pm both days.

I'll feed you. I'll give you drinks. If you like Mexican food, there are spectacular offerings nearby and even I have found food to eat that is delicious.

Yes. I have. Holy crap.

If you have other dietary needs, I'm sure we can get something delicious for you.

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My father is putting heavy pressure on me to get this move completed. He's actually roped my magical stepmom into being the one to push us. They are not offering any physical assistance to us.

As a result, My S.O. and I are actively seeking helpers for the remainder of our move-out. When I sent an email for the last round of moving, I only had two people respond, and they couldn't work on the same day.

I want to be really clear about what we need: I own a lot of boxes of "Stuff". Most of the boxes are lightweight. I'd really like to be able to "Bucket Brigade" these boxes into the new apartment, rather than hand-carrying them up the stairs over and over again.
So if you can't offer me heavy lifting, or lots of stair-climbing (And believe me, I understand!) you might be able to help me run a bucket-brigade of lightweight boxes into my new place.
I myself have back and knee issues, so if I have to do it all on my own, I may have to dispose of more things than I would prefer.

We also do need some strong backs to help with the remainder of the furniture. Most of it is not outrageously heavy, but I do have three filing cabinets to haul. The two heavy ones are going to a garage, so they don't need to be hauled up or down any flights of stairs.

I'm also going to dump some of my stuff at a series of sales/swaps. See my following post for more info.

Here are the days when I'm likely to need human helpers. I will indicate if you "and the kids" can help on any of those days; if my S.O. is at work but I'm off, that's a day when a whole family can pitch in.

Wednesday, June 8th: 9am-2pm: Big push, probably moving bookshelves to the apartment followed by moving cabinets to Jackman's and a load of random lightweight stuff to the church in Overland.

Saturday, June 11th: 9am-3pm: No S.O. this day, he has to work. This will likely be a bucket-brigade kind of day, though if I get heavy lifters we could move some furniture.

Sunday, June 12th: 5pm-dark: Probably one round of stuff from Dogtown to the apartment. Could be boxes or furniture.

Tuesday, June 14th: All day: Moving furniture. Maybe boxes.

Maybe Friday, June 17th: Currently I'm slated to work but have no appointments. If I don't wind up scheduling a class, I'll use this as a move day. My S.O. will not be available until after 3pm.

Saturday, June 18th: If I could *complete* the move on this day or the following one, that would be the best Father's Day Present I could give my father. I can also then get the hell out of his life which would be the best thing I could give myself. No S.O. on Saturday.

Sunday, June 19th: My S.O. and I are both off work, I think. It's going to be a moving day of some kind.

Assuming that we're not done yet, then:
Saturday, June 25th: all day, just me no S.O. Moving.
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