Jun. 6th, 2016

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My father is putting heavy pressure on me to get this move completed. He's actually roped my magical stepmom into being the one to push us. They are not offering any physical assistance to us.

As a result, My S.O. and I are actively seeking helpers for the remainder of our move-out. When I sent an email for the last round of moving, I only had two people respond, and they couldn't work on the same day.

I want to be really clear about what we need: I own a lot of boxes of "Stuff". Most of the boxes are lightweight. I'd really like to be able to "Bucket Brigade" these boxes into the new apartment, rather than hand-carrying them up the stairs over and over again.
So if you can't offer me heavy lifting, or lots of stair-climbing (And believe me, I understand!) you might be able to help me run a bucket-brigade of lightweight boxes into my new place.
I myself have back and knee issues, so if I have to do it all on my own, I may have to dispose of more things than I would prefer.

We also do need some strong backs to help with the remainder of the furniture. Most of it is not outrageously heavy, but I do have three filing cabinets to haul. The two heavy ones are going to a garage, so they don't need to be hauled up or down any flights of stairs.

I'm also going to dump some of my stuff at a series of sales/swaps. See my following post for more info.

Here are the days when I'm likely to need human helpers. I will indicate if you "and the kids" can help on any of those days; if my S.O. is at work but I'm off, that's a day when a whole family can pitch in.

Wednesday, June 8th: 9am-2pm: Big push, probably moving bookshelves to the apartment followed by moving cabinets to Jackman's and a load of random lightweight stuff to the church in Overland.

Saturday, June 11th: 9am-3pm: No S.O. this day, he has to work. This will likely be a bucket-brigade kind of day, though if I get heavy lifters we could move some furniture.

Sunday, June 12th: 5pm-dark: Probably one round of stuff from Dogtown to the apartment. Could be boxes or furniture.

Tuesday, June 14th: All day: Moving furniture. Maybe boxes.

Maybe Friday, June 17th: Currently I'm slated to work but have no appointments. If I don't wind up scheduling a class, I'll use this as a move day. My S.O. will not be available until after 3pm.

Saturday, June 18th: If I could *complete* the move on this day or the following one, that would be the best Father's Day Present I could give my father. I can also then get the hell out of his life which would be the best thing I could give myself. No S.O. on Saturday.

Sunday, June 19th: My S.O. and I are both off work, I think. It's going to be a moving day of some kind.

Assuming that we're not done yet, then:
Saturday, June 25th: all day, just me no S.O. Moving.


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