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The Steampunk Caroling Adventure will begin at the SanSai in Kirkwood.

For more details, see the post in [livejournal.com profile] stleampunk.

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This Saturday, December 13th 2008 the STLeampunk group will make an appearance in Downtown Kirkwood singing carols and bringing good cheer to holiday shoppers.

We are not collecting money, merely dressing up and singing songs.

Here is the STLeampunk community post outlining the itinerary for our outing.

Acceptable forms of dress:
Steampunk gear. Victorian garb. Edwardian garb. Wild (or Weird) West garb. Santa Suits. Steampunk Wild West Santa Suits. Token attempts with colorful scarves and decorative hats with classic-styled coats. Corsets. Bustles. Stompy Boots. Waistcoats. Cravats. Bonnets. Top Hats. Spats. Walking sticks. Umbrellas (Weather permitting). Goggles. Monocles. Wire Rimmed Spectacles. Muffs. Fascinators. Knickers. Grubby Urchin Gear. Aviator Caps. Aprons. Boas. Gloves. Mufflers.

Just make sure that you are dressed for the weather, in comfortable shoes, and if you must corset yourself be sure to avoid restricting your breathing.

If you wish to join in the fun but do not wish to sing, we would still like to have you.

If you wish to join in the fun but do not have a costume, you may contact me for ideas or accessories to help you blend in with our crowd.

**Note!** We will NOT be collecting money for our singing. (We will cheerfully accept gifts of foods and drinks from the shopkeepers, however.) If anyone wishes to donate to our cause, we will tell them the following:
"We did not choose a charity this year because all of America needs a little help this year. Support your local shopkeepers and spend your 'donation' money in the shops."

We also would love it if people came down to Kirkwood to catch our "act" and cheer us on. So if you want to see us all dolled up and singing our hearts out, please feel free to visit the Downtown Kirkwood area between 4 and 7pm on Saturday.


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