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August 9th, 2016
Dear Mr. Page,
I am a St. Louis resident, and I have attended various theatrical productions over the years. I have been privileged to see you perform in many shows, and I always look forward to more. You have a magnificent stage presence and a truly beautiful voice. I ought to have written you a fan letter long before this.
Tonight I was witness to an unusual event. Protesters came and staged a revolt at the back of the Muny, just after the intermission. Having never seen Aida, at first I thought it had something to do with the show, but it quickly became apparent that this was an outside contingent. While I applaud their message, I was saddened by the choices that the protesters made about how they presented their appeal. Their interruption was disrespectful to the show, the performers, and the crew who work so very hard at the Muny to provide entertainment.
And this particular show was important, for a variety of reasons.
Once things calmed down, you stepped onto the stage with Michelle Williams, and addressed the crowd. For years, I have seen you transform yourself into a variety of characters for amusement. However, tonight I saw you transform into a spiritual leader for all mankind, and for a moment, the air shimmered.
I agreed with every single word you spoke. You reached out and embraced us, reminded us of our humanity, and reminded us that the show we had all come to see had an important message, too. With enormous dignity and grace you smoothed over the interruption and you wove your audience (and fellow performers and crew) back together into whole cloth.
Your words touched me, personally, in a way that I am not sure I can ever explain, but I wish to try. You see, I arrived at this performance pondering a personal issue. I am contemplating a career change, and a drastic one at that. I feel that I am being called into a life of non-denominational religious service. You spoke from the heart, and touched my spirit. You reminded me that we are all in service to each other, every day, regardless of who we are or what our job might be.
Thank you, Mr. Page. Thank you for being such a kind, thoughtful, understanding human being. Thank you for sharing your gift of eloquence with us tonight. Thank you for your ongoing performances. Thank you for reminding me that the divine speaks through us at the most unexpected times, even complicated ones. Thank you for being yourself. You are a star, and a hero.

Your fan very truly,
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