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Thanksgiving in my house growing up was far from “traditional”.
In the first place, my father doesn’t care for Turkey, and if my father didn’t care for it, it didn’t come through the door. Period.

We would usually have a ham, or a pork roast, or a beef roast of some kind. Mashed potatoes, probably cranberry sauce from a can, green beans, that sort of thing.
Since we survived on Hamburgers and French Fries the rest of the year, at least I had something good to look forward to.

So what “traditional” dishes do I not like?
Precious few, actually. They’re all a bit exotic for me, even still.

Roast Turkey? Bring it on! I love the bird. I’ll take your leftovers, and the carcass, too. I like turkey soup.

Jellied Cranberry sauce? From a can? Hand me a spoon. Gorgeous stuff, really. Sweet and tart... delicious! “How about the stuff with the chunks?” I hear you ask. Guess what? I like cranberries, so once again; Bring it on!

Sweet potatoes or yams with all that crap on top: Sure, but I’ll add a caveat: If any part of the gooey mess is BLACK, I won’t touch it. Burned marshmallows are gross. If you burn it, throw it away, folks.

Mashed potatoes? Mashed potatoes can be your friends! I’d freaking LIVE on Mashed potatoes if I thought I could get away with it. If I have a choice, I prefer the kind that start with somebody washing or peeling potatoes, and I’ll cheerfully take on the chore myself. On the other hand, I don’t turn up my nose at the boxed stuff either. mmm. Taters.

Gravy? Yeah, I can dig it.

Pie? I love pie. Sweet potato, pumpkin, apple, pecan... doesn’t matter. Ok, I’m not the world’s biggest lover of cherry pie, so if there are other flavors I’ll eat those first. And I prefer what I consider “real” pie; pie made from scratch. I’ll handwave a frozen crust (if it is a good one) but don’t open a can and dump it in there: Peel those apples yourself! Ok, feel free to open the can of pumpkin.

Green Bean Casserole: Ok, this one gives me pause for two reasons: One, my father didn’t tolerate casseroles, so I never encountered this one. Two: Most green bean casseroles include a can of some kind of soup base, right? If it does, I can’t eat it. It doesn’t mean I don’t *want* to, just that it will hurt my butt.

Stuffing/Dressing: Once again, this one gives me pause because of the specter of MSG. StoveTop stuffing and other pre-made deals frequently have liberal amounts of MSG in them, so I usually pass. To be fair, I don’t feel like I’m missing much, since stuffing (or Dressing) can be pretty plain and not nearly the treat as the rest of the things on the table. But! (and it’s a big BUT!) I should say that my step-dad makes a damn fine stuffing, and I’ve discovered that it is the kind of dish that lets you see what kind of team is running that kitchen. Old secret family recipes, Clever ingredients, unusual combinations... stuffings can be really interesting and delightful. I refer you to [livejournal.com profile] thesigother’s Stuffed Pumpkin. Every time he did it the contents were delicious, whether he did a bread variation or a rice stuffing or a cous cous. (ok, to be fair; I’m the one who found the cous cous stuffing recipe, and I encourage all of you to investigate cous cous stuffing recipes: it works beautifully.)

So yeah... I’m both Gourmand and Gourmet when it comes to The Day Of The Ritual Sacrifice. If you put it on the table and it does not contain MSG... I’m fairly likely to eat it and enjoy it. If you go all out, I’ll notice and appreciate it.

And I’ll do the dishes.


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