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During the next month or so, I have a few things to do. In fact, I have so much to do that I'm not even going to bother spell-checking this. I hope it is readable because you all need to know why I'm a wee bit cranky lately.

During the next 6 weeks or so I have:

NASFiC Art Programming: I need this done by this weekend. And it is a... HUGE... ordeal. There are way more variables than for a smaller event. Sheesh!

Little Shop Of Horrors: My step-sister landed the part of Audrey in the Jeffco College production, which starts next weekend. She needs costume help, so thank goodness for [livejournal.com profile] allura629. Unfortunately, it means alterations, and coordinating with her, and she lives significantly south of me.

The Big Sale: Our store does a big sale on the 4th. This bit me on the butt last year, too. This year, I'm still going to try to go to...

Monday Goth Night (Requiem): I work that night until 9, and I work the next day, too. Yet, here I am, going to Goth Night so I can promote my other events. Also so I can put A Certain Person's hair into liberty spikes for the event. Mwa ha ha. (dies)

The Pagan Picnic: Big deal, lots to do, new adventures. And of course, I'm funding and arranging everything myself, since my troupe members are all busy bees this summer. And no, we don't have any more money in the troupe account. We need more dollars in there, that's what the booth is all about!

And Speaking Of the Paganic: We're doing the Living Tarot and also the Tea with the Faerie Queen again this year. Because I have lost... my mind.

Speaking of losing my mind, I have a costumed appearance for the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows book release party at the Borders in Sunset Hills. My HP fan group is doing the costumed character honors, so feel free to come and seek your doom with Professor Trelawney. You know, I was planning to soak my scarves in cooking sherry for realism. Maybe I'll just drink the stuff instead...

Steve Wilson Is Coming: No, you haven't heard of him, but I bet you've seen his work. He's an embroidery digitizer who used to work for all kinds of name-brand products like sports teams and Nickalodian. He's coming to the store, it's his third appearance with us. Imagine... Archon, for sewing folks. IN my store. For two 12 hour days, for me. That would be the weekend before...

Archon/NASFiC: Yes, I'm going to put something on stage. No, I'm not making anything new. No, you haven't seen what I am putting on the stage. Yes, I'm also going to be doing programming, because I'm apparently a masochist. At least I qualify for staff now.

Speaking of work, did I mention that we are in the middle of our annual Floor Model Sale!?!?! This means that our floor models have to be serviced, cleaned, boxed, and prepared for sale. The new floor models have to be de-boxed, sewn-out (tested) and arranged. Some of those machines weigh 40lbs. Yeah. This is what I do all day at work. Plus, they've figured out how to give me five days a week but still keep me just under 30 hrs a week. Gah.

It's all a bit like the cable company (those FCCers.)

The Bottom Line:
No, I can't come to your party/event/social gathering. No, I can't help with your project/costume idea/homework.
Thank you for thinking of me. Feel free to hug me, feed me, or for the love of little gay bumblebees HELP me with any of the above nonsense.

Otherwise, don't ask. Sorry.


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