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With regard to how Santa is going to visit the city this weekend, we're riding Metro (link and bus) for most of the journey. In previous years we did this by having everyone purchase a Metro Day Pass, which costs $4.50.
To avoid the Santas becoming lost in the city, try to buy your pass early.

If you ride the train to your first destination, you will already have your

You can also pre-purchase a 1-day pass at many Schnuck's stores, then
validate it on your first ride.

I suggest using zip sort to find a convenient Schnucks,

For those purchasing at a metro station, put aside a crisp $5 bill for your
purchase. That will greatly speed up the line, and you wont end up with a
bunch of $1 coins as change. Many of the metro machines will NOT take a $20
bill - besides, do you really want that many coins as change?

FYI - if you do not have a 1-day metro pass, buses are exact change only and
do NOT sell all day passes.

So, anyone wanting to join in during Santarchy will need to budget $4.50 for transportation (Cheaper than gas, even now!) and of course some spending cash for the various establishments. We also have the use of a School Bus for some of the route, since the Metro system still has many holes in it, particularly late at night.

Also, if you wish to join the St. Louis Santarchy group, please check out the Yahoogroup:
Feel free to sign up!
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So, Santas:
After a long trek across this fair city of ours, I'm seeing that we're going to wind up miles from our cars (unless we're really REALLY clever) and many of us will not be in a driving state at the end of the journey.

So, here are my clever ideas:
Santas! Who has a van, station wagon, SUV of doom or other vehicle that seats more than four adults? Could we perhaps park our various vehicles at the end of the route, then travel by Van to the start-point? One of the other vehicles could then take the Van driver back to the van...

I have a cunning plan! We are using public transportation for most of the route, so why not grab a room at a Hotel which also has an airport shuttle?
Why an airport shuttle?
Because there is a Metrolink station at the airport, that's what.
Link our way back up to the Airport then take the shuttle to the hotel!
A hotel room would also be way more fun in groups, too, so we could retire our Santa Butts to the hotel room whenever we decided that we'd had enough marching/smoke inhalation/drinking/Santa time.
A hint: The Peartree (by Drury) has a double-double room available for $69. It also has a continental breakfast and a 24 hour Airport shuttle.
Also consider the look on the shuttle driver's face when a quantity of sober santas hitches a ride in the morning... then hitches a ride late at night non-sober...

We could, perhaps, find a person who lives close to our route and invade their home. Persons with homes near the route: Speak up and invite some Santas to crash at your pad... or perhaps speak up and insist that we NOT crash at your pad (which is ok, really, since it's your house and all.)

I did look at other hotels around town, and there's nothing really close to the end of our route, and the few hotels which are in the city of St. Louis want to charge over $100 per night which is too rich for this Santa's blood. (No Santa discounts, unfortunately.)

Yellow Cabbit!
Or, we could all share a cab back to our vehicles, but that's likely to be pricey.
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Ho Ho Ho, it's time to go!
The reindeer are in their harnesses, the Elves are slaving away in the sweatshop, the Santa suit is back from the cleaners...
This year's Santarchy is taking over the city THIS SATURDAY, December 20th!

[livejournal.com profile] thesigother and I are going to play again this year. I'm still debating about my outfit, and I suspect that some of the Santas (Or elvish impersonators, or cherubim, etc) out there are still trying to figure out what to wear as well.
Can I get a sound-off for the folks on my F-List who are planning to march with us on Saturday? The schedule is posted below, and NO, you do not have to do the whole route. Many Santas march with us for only a few stops, due to Santas having schedules that include pesky things like jobs and families and the like.

I'm hoping for a whole crew of naughty Elves, or maybe a Santa's Harem of Mrs. Clauses (Perhaps a Mrs. Claus and a Mrs. Kringle and a Mother Christmas, etc.)
To that end I'm perfectly willing to help dress some of you up! So, when you comment please let me know if you need to see me for costume goodies. After the schedule, I'll post some of the items I have available.


December 20th, 2008

University City
noon Bar Cicero's
1:00 Bar Blueberry Hill
1:58 Metro Delmar -> Forest Park DeBaliviere
Forest Park
2:15 Museum St. Louis History Museum
2:52 Metro Forest Park -> Union Station Eastbound
Union Station
3:15 Bar Key West
4:00 Bar Union Station Lobby Bar
5:10 Metro Union Station -> Civic Center Station
Stadium Side Trip Option (ALT)
4:25 Metro Union Station -> Stadium Eastbound
4:35 Stadium Pictures with Stan Statue
5:09 Metro Stadium -> Civic Center Station
Civic Center Station
5:26 Bus #57 Manchester Westbound off@ Boyle Ave.
The Grove
5:40 Bar Premium Lounge
6:30 Bar Novak's
7:20 Bar Atomic Cowboy
8:20 Bus Skoolbus Ride to Soulard
8:34 Bus Manchester & Tower Grove (ALT)
#59 Shaw-Kirkwood Northbound
off@ 12th & Russell
8:50 Bar Nadine's Gin Joint
9:15 Bar Clementine's
9:40 Bar The Shanti
10:05 Bar 1860's Hardshell Cafe
10:30 Bar Molly's
11:00 Bus Soulard Farmers Market/Broadway
#30 Soulard -> Arsenal/Grand
11:00 Bus Skoolbus Ride to Soulard (ALT)
South Grand
12:00 Bar CBGBs
1:00 Bar Mangia Italliano
1:45 Bar Jade Room

Click here to see this Santa's workshop full of costumes )


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