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It's that time again, kids. Time for one of my Loving Parodies....

Pirates of the Caribbean: Here Is Your Junk
Yo ho yo ho a pirate's life for me... )
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You guys are somewhat familiar with my tribute/mockery posts after I see movies, right? This is one of them. YES, there are spoilers.

Ghost Rider and the Evil Cows of Satan! )
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I meant to do this earlier this week, but there have been plenty of distractions.

Saw a movie over the weekend. I had meant to see it in theaters, then meant to catch it on DVD... but never got around to it. Since my mother has cable and a big-screen, I indulged in some couch sitting over the weekend.

And watched "Fat Albert."

Why would I want to see yet another live action movie based on a cheesy cartoon show?
Because I have been a fan of Bill Cosby since I was able to at least partly understand his early stand-up. I used to listen to "I Started Out As A Child" and "Wonderfulness" all the time on my fisher-price record player. We recorded from the radio the routine about Jr. Barnes and the slushball. I was familiar with "Noah" and later on of course, "Bill Cosby, Himself."
So, the Fat Albert cartoons were a delight; here were those stories I'd listened to but done as a cartoon show! Cosby did all the voices which was more than a little amusing.

I knew that Cosby was attached to the remake, and therefore knew that they would be true to the stories. And sure enough, they are. What's more, Mr. Cosby himself makes a brief cameo in the movie. This would be enough for a pleasant sleepy sunday diversion with the kids.

Except that the movie wasn't good. It was GREAT. The hook, the twist, the idea around which they wrapped this story of cartoon characters brought to life....

Is brilliant.
The casting is excellent, and the whole thing is a joy to watch. Oh, sure, some of it is a little clunky, and there's a not-so-subtle "Why these kids today with their music... foul filth" message tucked in there.

If you want to read more, there be SPOILERS here. BIG ones. Seriously, you were warned. )

So if you loved Bill's stories, or the TV show... do yourself a favor and go see the movie. It's on cable, it should be easy.


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