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Aug. 3rd, 2011 05:42 pm
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It's more than a month until my birthday, but I figured I'd post this anyway.

I'm adapting it from last year's list.

Do Want:
Car: Oil change gift certificates. Mmm. Oil change. I want to finish the art on the back of the Imp. (Yes, I'm currently leaning toward airbrushing with several coats of clear-coat to seal it.) I want this done by Archon so I can show it off. Car wash gift certificates.

Doll Madness:
Yes, I still have the Doll Madness. Items currently desired (but not being actively pursued) include:
5Star Doll has an MSD sized elf-eared boy with the unfortunate name of Edward. He's hot. He's also sold out.
Bobobie/Resinsould Dan. As a girl. So amazing! There's one on Flickr that's red and I adore her!
And I'd never turn down a Bobobie Pixie of any color. I like them a lot.
Fairyland Pongpong. Also, those damn Realpukis.
Doll "Stuff": I have dolls which take wigs in the following sizes: 3/4, 5/6, 6/7, 7/8, 8/9. I have dolls in MSD and SD size (that's 1/4 and 1/3 scale) as well as some dolls that are 5, 8, 10 and 12 inches. I do like to get bags of random barbie clothes because they often fit my little ones.

Consumables: Facial or bath tissue, sandwich bags (in many sizes), Snack foods (Mmm. Homemade Cookies!), savory treats, teas, fruit-based carbonated drinks (though I'm not a fan of gratuitous HFCS.) Lip balm sans petrolatum. Lush products, but only the ones from Lush. Essential oils. Exotic honeys.

Spend money with an artist friend: Curious Cat Clothing gives gift certificates. I'm willing to bet that Bast's Garden does as well. Heck, buy stuff for other people from my artist friends, and give me a card saying that you spend "so much money" at a friend's store. Consider: alphak10 is taking orders and commissions. bakadragon makes wonderful art. lady_katheryne knits and makes garb. the_ungoth makes cool stuff, too. tetramragot takes commissions. klasek1987 makes jewelry. The list goes on. If the person is some kind of artist or handcrafter and I know them, it would make me seven kinds of happy to see their art being supported.

Show Tickets: We have a lot of awesome shows coming to St. Louis. Frankly, I love theater so any tickets are good tickets. Music, theater, and the like are the way to go here.

Make me something. Those of you who are artists or hand-crafters, I like your stuff (in case you didn't notice!) feel free to create something for me that you think I would enjoy.

Give me some of your time and help. I have some house projects that need finishing. I'll want some help decorating for Halloween. (You KNOW you want to help with THAT, Right?) I'll want some help moving some more boxes into the dormer. Help with furniture moving and shuffling.

Sewing Room: It's kind of a low priority, but I would like some assistance organizing the sewing room. There are catches: Thing one: We'd have to probably remove most of the boxes from the room in order to organize. Thing two: Eek. Spiders. Bleah. I want to put shelves in the token closet thing, on which to put boxes of fabric and notions. I want additional shelving in other places. This is not one day's worth of work, either.

Edit:Oh, and there's THIS. It's a pop-up book commemorating the 100 year anniversary of the publication of the original "Wonderful Wizard of Oz." Drooooool.

Certificates of Gift:
Gift cards and gift certificates are always welcome, and here are some particular ones that would help:
Home Depot: Particularly because I know someone who works there and can exploit his discount. Mwa ha ha...
Harry & David (Mmm. Pears...)
Grocery stores
World Market
Jackman's Fabrics (did I mention exploiting a discount?)

The following are things that I absolutely do not need or want at this time:

Pillows. For goodness' sake, I have enough already!

Random "Bath Stuff". I'm in love with Lush's product line, but this does not mean I'm encouraging gifts of random other branded "Bath Stuff". Some of you have known me long enough to remember that this kind of gift was a favorite of The Red Scare. I don't want flashbacks or more glitter gel.

Leopard Print Decor: I'm over it. The Leopard Pit is over 14 years old. I'm converting what I have to match the new Mint Cookie theme.

Kitchen Supplies: We have appliances. We have utensils. We have pans, and dishes, and tea sets. What we DON'T have is a kitchen to put them in. Augh! So please, on behalf of my Roommate and myself; NO KITCHEN STUFF. Exceptions are listed above, and food is always acceptable.

11.5 inch vinyl fashion dolls: My Barbie and Barbie-like collection is a little bit out of control right now. There are a few rare exceptions, but in truth I need to go through what I have and narrow the focus some more. So unless you're absolutely sure that:
A.) I don't already have this treasure
B.) It's not going to be culled in the narrowing focus
C.) I'm going to squeal with delight and possibly pee down both legs when I unwrap it
Don't buy the doll.
One more caveat: If this is a piece from your own collection, ignore the above. However, do *tell* me if you have gifted me with one of your own dolls. Under these circumstances, it is a different sort of gift.

Sports Tickets: The sports, I do not watch them. Oh, I root for the Cardinals, mostly. Heck, if a big group of us wanted to do a special box for a random baseball game, that might be fun. But the fun would be in hanging out with my friends, not watching guys hit a ball with a stick and run around in a circle. Not that anyone would ever mistake me for a sports fan, but I figured that I should go ahead and state the obvious. At Archon a couple of years ago I saw a shirt I should have bought: "I only watch sports when the players make less money than I do." (No, don't buy me the shirt, either.)

Which reminds me: Other than Bras, I have TOO MUCH CLOTHING. It's taking over everywhere and I need to ditch some of it, not add to the pile. I have plenty of t-shirts. I have way too many broomstick skirts. Pants are not my friends right now. No clothes, no costumes please. (Exceptions are items from Curious Cat. There's always room for more of her awesome stuff. But a Gift Certificate is better.)

PATTERNS. Yes, I own BJDs, and I costume. However, I am DROWNING in patterns right now due to my overindulgence in one of the perks at work. I do not need any more patterns at all.

FABRIC: OMG I have plenty of this. I refer you to the "organize the sewing room" reference above. Ugh. Please don't give ME fabric at this time.


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