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RabbitHole Day )

The bower was warm this morning. After my consort whisked himself off for a Wild Hunt on the darkside, I drowsed in half slumber. The affairs of the Court could wait.

My handmaid appeared with my usual dressing gown, and offered me a cup of nectar.

"Ugh." said I. "Nectar again. It's good stuff, verily, yet its taste has become wearisome to my palette."

Today I had no wish to be washed, scented, combed and dressed by my usual throng of servants. I shooed them all away, telling them to amuse themselves elsewhere. Once I got the idea through their heads, they took flight and winged away giggling amongst themselves.

I dressed for walking, and roamed about the Underhill lands. I stopped to pet the Jabberwocky. He greeted me by chomping delicately on my hand. Then he caught my wrist with his claws and bowed, as was proper. "No, Jabberwock," I said. "No bowing today."

My lands are beautiful, but today everything seems... well... asleep.

I was dangling my toes in the sluggish stream where Peg usually teaches Elementary Drowning, but it seemed that her pupils also had "the day off" as it were.

Suddenly, I saw one of our human changelings scurry past me.

"Home, I must find my way home..."
Cut for length. This turned out to be a cool story... )
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Celtic mythology?
I'm soaking in it.

So I have done some research into the story of the Faerie Flag of the McCleod clan. I actually ran across an image of it! (No, I am not going to link to it. Go look yourself!)

I want to share this "true" story in my own storyteller fashion.
I welcome feedback.

The Bratach Sith

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