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Just did my first complete female face-up.

Pastel, Acrylic, and watercolor pencils on resin. I've sealed her face and now I'm waiting for it to dry so I can add gloss.

I could seriously do this every day. 
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There is something to the issue with a white tornado:

After it leaves, one sometimes spends months trying to figure out where everything went to...

I've cleaned, and this means that the things in my house are not where I most strongly remember them being. Oh, sure, this time they're put "Away" in their places, but they're not where I was accustomed to looking for them.

This will go away, of course. If I can be a little bit disciplined about this, their current locations will become "where they go" in the future.

It's just... strange. Nothing in my house is where I expect it to be. I have to think carefully about anything I go to look for.

On the other hand, it's looking pretty damned good around here.

Ask any of the dolly crowd who came by last night (and some of them stayed until late today!)

The doll themed sleep over was, in my opinion, a spectacular success. Fun was had by all, and once the sun went down it mattered less that we were going in and out of the front door to spray sealant on our dolls.

I'm very much looking forward to the parties we will throw in the future. Near future.

Perhaps it is time for a proper housewarming, yes?
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Like most people with an expensive addiction, I have turned to dealing to support my habit.

Right now on Ebay I have a Ball Jointed Doll available for sale.

It's a Goodreau "Secret". Resin, MSD sized.

All things considered, I'd rather sell it to a friend or a local collector. I'm asking $199 in the auction, but if you want to make me a deal, I'm willing to haggle a bit.

If you or someone you know is looking for such a doll, let me know. I've screened comments, so feel free to share your opinions or potential buyers...
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It was so nice to play dolls with my friends, and go on an Adventure to shop for more dolls...

Friday I went to my friends' house to play dolls and embroider some baby things. They had a new embroidery machine but hadn't done much more than test-stitch on it.

I brought my own along, and playing "Dueling Machines" let me know for certain that *they* own the nicer machine of the two. However, this makes me happy. After all, I get to play with the big machines at work any time I like.

It has been such a pleasure to introduce my closest friends to my most addictive hobby. Dolls and toys thrill me, but Embroidery has my heart, really. I love picking out the threads and setting the machine up and watching it go. It's still like a lava lamp. It's hard to look away!

So we had a nice time, and I let them try dolly clothes that I had brought. That was fun, too! Almost as much fun as swapping real clothes.

cut for more doll madness )
After the dolly shopping trip, we went out to the [livejournal.com profile] professor's party. Unfortunately, I'd been on my feet too much and hadn't had enough sleep last week, so the booze made me sleepy and my feet hurt something awful. It seems that my twin volcano cakes were a success, so I'll have to repeat the experiment sometime.

I do love to bake, so if you want baked goods for your birthday or other special event, do let me know. Mwa ha ha!

Of course, with a day like the one described, one day off was not remotely sufficient to restore me. I'm dragging this week. Can't wait for Friday. I have the whole weekend off.

***EDIT: Oops. Stuff in Springfield and Austin is happening NEXT weekend. See current post for more details****

Now. Springfield, or Austin?
Pirate/Fairy faire, or Doll Convention with a Carnivale theme?

Decisions, decisions.
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Going to see Beauty and the Beast tonight.

[livejournal.com profile] alphak10 is picking me up shortly. I'm going to dress one of my girls up as Belle, and bring her along. (Doll, that is.)

Does anyone else want to join us?

We're aiming to get some free seats. If we're not able to sit in the free seats, I'll probably cough up the dough to buy seats.
But I'd rather hang out in the free seats. :D
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I invited some of my Friends list to join [livejournal.com profile] kuklasdollhouse, my doll community.

If you have any interest in dolls whatsoever, you likely have a message in your LJ messages. If I missed you somehow, simply go to that community and join.

We have a photo contest about to end, and a new one about to be posted!
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Attention local artists, collectors, and fellow doll addiction victims:

I have rather a large box of beautiful porcelain dolls. The poor dears have had their clothing ripped away, and are left in their shoes and (occasionally) drawers. Some (most) of them still have their wigs intact, some are pitifully bald.

I am looking for a new home for these dolls. I have already given many to my doll friends, and I would like to make a general offer to the rest of the world.

The Deal Is This:
Five bucks a doll. If she's wigless, make that three. Most of these are in the 17 inch range. One of them has a music box which also operates her arm for movement. (her wig is intact.) One is dressed, or rather redressed. She seems to have personality, so beware.

If you are an artist who wants to work in the medium of porcelain dolls, this is a grand opportunity to acquire some dolls inexpensively. If you are a collector who knows a thing or two about sewing, here's a grand opportunity to create your own One Of A Kind doll. If you're someone who wants to CRUSH!KILL!DESTROY! dolls for art, science, fun, or anger management, slip me a fiver, and get a doll. (Just... don't buy the one with the music box. She's too nice for destruction.)

Get a doll stand with every purchase! I have plenty, and most of these dolls came with stands.
(I can't believe I ever paid for doll stands alone. Oy!)
I also have boxes for some of them.

If you want them but can't come pick them up, let me know and I will come to you. (Within reason.) If you don't live locally, but want dolls, you can pay actual shipping costs to get them. I can take and post pictures if requested.

I like them, but they need to leave my house.
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Check out this video!

Tea Party theme: Check.
Completely amazing costumes: Check.
Catchy tune with innuendo: Check.


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We're doing it again this year, the Conflation Doll Masquerade!

This year's theme is Leather and Lace... or Clash of the Titans. All dolls are acceptable and the modifications or outfits should be creative and original. In other words, just bringing your Grecian Goddess Barbie to display is nice, but she won't be elligable for judging. Making your OWN Grecian Goddess outfit for your Barbie doll means that you're in the running for this year's cool prizes.

"What prizes?" You ask?
It's a secret, but they won't be the same as last year. :D

The dolls will be displayed in the Dance room on Saturday night. (Or, if that doesn't work out, we'll either have programming space or they will be displayed in my room. You know how Conflation is.) Either way the dolls will be secure.

Bring your BJDs, Barbies, GI Joe, plush creature, action figure, or porcelain dolls dressed in their finest Leather and Lace or Ancient Greco-Roman ensemble and win valuable prizes!!!
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I'd like to get some more doll friends to come to [livejournal.com profile] kuklasdollhouse and play!

We already have a photo contest running, and I'd like to have some discussions about the influx of Mattel Barbie re-issues lately (OMG SUPERSTAR BARBIE SQUEE), Face-ups on BJDs (I did two!) and perhaps some meet-ups in the future.

Mom and I are talking seriously about hosting a Doll Convention here in St. Louis. Yes. We've lost our minds together.

Anyway, if any of you want to come and join a community based on mutual love of dolls and other toys, please come and play!
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Came home today to find a package on my porch.

Yay! Ebay goodies arrived!

I picked it up. It was... er... SOGGY. And badly dinged. It was wrapped in brown paper and had words on it like "Do not crush" and "TOP".

And it was... somewhat squooshy for a mailing box.

Brought it in, started documenting.

Here's the deal; I bought a pair of porcelain dolls. The seller cheerfully agreed to combine shipping. Here's how the package was put together:
One doll was in her original box, cardboard and clear plastic. The other doll had no box and was wrapped up in bubble-wrap. The seller had set the bubble-wrapped doll on top of the other doll, put a couple of pieces of cardboard to make the whole ensemble vaguely rectangular, and wrapped it in paper.

There was no container, other than the brown wrapping, in one layer.

And, naturally, it came all jacked up. Tears in the paper, wet bottom (LOVED that part) and I'm left with my mouth hanging open that the post office was OK with this and put a sticker on the darned thing!

So, true believers, shall I speak to the seller about this? The bits I was most concerned about were the gowns worn by the dolls. Those arrived intact. Neither doll was broken, but the non-boxed one had a smudge on her face. The original "box" of the other one has mud splattered on it and a damp spot, however.

Shall I give the seller a chance to see the error of their ways?

Or should I just send them a link to the post of the photos on FAILblog.org?

Wanna see? It's bizarre. )


Jan. 8th, 2010 03:15 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] kuklasdollhouse is up and running!

I have created a community for doll lovers of all kinds. If you wish to join in on the fun, please do! Pass it along to your friends, your Den of Angels, or your weird cousin who still plays with toys.

Our only purpose to the community is to have a place where one can natter on about their dolls (plush, or action figures) to an appreciative audience. Sign up now, and be part of the first little contest!
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I'm off to bed as soon as I finish this post. In brief, last night's party was excellent with great company and delicious foods! Today we got to see Avatar, but I found the 3D effects distracting, not an enhancement.

On the 8th day of Christmas, my family gave to me... A really fun and awesome party!
On the 9th day of Christmas, a delivery person gave to me... A brand new dolly! (My S.O.'s present to me!)

Mirror arrived today. She's a Goodreau doll exactly like my Helen, except that her vinyl is a gorgeous cocoa color.

Tomorrow I work at the store from noon to four, then I'm off on Monday. I'm probably also off another day next week. (Should check that schedule.)

So Merry Continued Christmas, everyone!

No geese.

Dec. 31st, 2009 12:10 am
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On the sixth day of Christmas, the UPS man gave to me...
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Today, after the ER visit, I crashed out until about 1pm.
Then I got up, showered, pried my mom out of the house and saw the Chiropractor, then picked up RX for the S.O., made a brief visit to Goodwill, stopped by the house to get stuff for another night's stay, dropped stuff off/picked stuff up from a friend, and went back to Mom's house.

But to continue the theme of my Twelve Days of Christmas:

On the Fourth Day of Christmas, my mailbox gave to me:
A head for my Bat, Icky!

I snagged a human type head for the 5 inch ball jointed critter, Icky the Bat. Won the auction on Ebay and today the head arrived!

Of course I also left it at the Mint Cookie. Sigh.

So tonight we crash at Mom's, Mom gives me a ride to work, S.O. hangs out at the house in Fenton, and I'm not sure what the end of the day entails.

As for New Year's Eve, I work both it and New Year's Day, so no special celebrations for me.

However, I'm down with a Friday Night Gathering or something. So, who would like to do some partying on New Year's Day in the evening?
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Merry Christmas, everyone.

And Alan Jackson? I'm sorry...

Have a jolly dolly Christmas
It's the best time of the year
Hear that blow, we got some snow
So have a cup of cheer

Have a jolly dolly Christmas
And when you walk down the street
Say hello to fans you know
And everyone you meet

Ho ho the mistletoe
Hung where you can see
Somebody waits for you
Kiss them all for me

Have a jolly dolly Christmas
And in case you didn't hear
Oh by golly have a jolly dolly Christmas
This year

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If any of you admired my new Purple Pixie from Bobobie, I thought I should let you know that there's currently a pink one and a blue one for an outrageously good price on Ebay.

And they're just *sitting there*!
Blue Pixie
Pink One and there's more than one.
A Tan Pixie
Blue Charisma, which is the blue version of the 24 inch doll that Mom has been displaying in her front room for a while now.
Another Blue 24 inch doll

The dealer is "The Junky Spot" and on their website these same dolls are MUCH more expensive.

Just a thought, in case you love BJDs or know someone on your Christmas List who loves BJDs.
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A bunch of us are going to the Doll Show this Sunday in St. Charles at the Columns.

Details here:

We're gathering at the Mint Cookie at 9:30 am so that we can eat breakfast at the First Watch at Olive and Ballas, then we're going to head over to St. Charles for the show.

Anyone is welcome to come to either Breakfast or the Doll Show or both, but be prompt or call (or both.) I'm expecting to be at First Watch by 10am.


Don't forget to change your clocks, everyone!
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So Dolloween went well.
My pumpkins were delicious and well-received. The smaller squashes were not really more than a container, but a pretty one. The two large ones had succulent squashy goodness to nosh on.


Also it was way too much fun to get the dolls out and dress them up for Trick or Treat. We had a graveyard scene set up for photos.

Thanks to everyone who was able to make it in the horrible rain.

Those who were unable to attend missed a great party!

I was going to try to do something seasonal tonight but I think I'm going to crash out instead and rest up for the weekend.



Oct. 16th, 2009 11:36 pm
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My Mother and her family of dolls would like to invite you to the first (annual?) Dolloween party!

Who: You and your dolls
What: A Halloween Party for dolls and people
When: Thursday, October 29th, 2009 6pm until dolly bed-time.
Where: House of Party in Fenton
Why: Because the dolls wanted to have a Halloween Party of their own!

The Thursday before Halloween, bring your favorite dolls (or plush!) to the House of Party in Fenton. We will have a nice dinner, snack foods, treats, and games.

Dress your doll or plush in their Halloween finery, and feel free to dress yourself up as well!
Prizes will be given to the best (and funniest, and craziest, and scariest, and most clever) costumes, on both dolls and humans.

Please send an RSVP so I who's coming to dinner. I am planning a special Halloween meal for the party, rather than the usual buffet. Pumpkins are in season, after all!

If you wish to bring snack foods or treats to share, you are more than welcome. Some folks may not be able to make it for dinner at 6, and we all enjoy snacks! We will have plenty of tea, special punch, and lemonade, but I recommend bringing a 2 liter of your favorite carbonated beverage if you prefer soda. Non-soft drinks are also welcome.

This party is open-invitation for anyone who loves dolls, but we do need those RSVPs so we can plan dinner. This is also a child-friendly event. Children may attend and bring their own dolls and or plush toys.
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