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Much of my readership attended Conflation. I want to know what each of you thought of the event.

I'm screening comments and allowing anonymous comments, so feel free to give me your feedback on any of the following:
Conflation itself
The hotel specifically
The programming
and especially: The Burlesque Show
And the Decorations for the Dance.
You could also:
Share a wacky anecdote
Bemoan the fact that you missed all the fun

If you wish for your commentary to be unscreened, please indicate. Otherwise the words will only be read by me.

I'm not a Con Goddess, I'm not even a member of the committee. I'm just a sort-of staff member. On the other hand, I'm told that I'm easy to talk to. If you wish for a sounding board for your impressions of the event, or if you wish for your commentary to be send along to the powers-that-be anonymously, I can handle that.

Also, I'm soliciting for encouragement, praise, and honest critique.

No, I won't be doing a show like that again. At least, not for free.

However, there *may* be some performance art running amok at next year's Conflation. No, I'm not posting about it yet. Mwa ha ha.
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So, the plan is coming together. I am overjoyed at the way the show is coming together.

You shall be entertained, but only if you come and watch it!

I'm so proud of my actors, actresses, artisans, dancers, helpers, hangers-on, and flunkies. (Ok. I have no flunkies. Just monkeys.)

The last-minute additions to the show are going to rock the house, man. The dance numbers are adorable and sexy and funny. The parody work is far better than it has any right to be, and the fairy tales are good enough to use in the Troupe.
For money.

So, come and see all this wackiness and mayhem at Conflation on Friday night. You won't regret it!
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In random order, here are some of the things we have planned for the con:

Steampunk Doll Masquerade (entries will be taken at the con)
Steampunk art exhibit (entries should be submitted to me via email by February 1st)
Kilt Blowing (Because of our guest being!)
Steampunk Burlesque on Friday night (How could you resist?)
Nerf War (Friday night AND Sunday afternoon!)
Nude figure drawing (Consider that our Guest Being will likely attend...)
A fashion show/auction (Which, by the way, is seeking donations this year! Got any extra pieces that your steampunk persona does not need?)
Two dances (Songs you want to hear? Let me know and I'll send it along...)
Some kind of boffer dueling (potentially a "Strip" version, also)
A Queen's Tea
The usual Raffle (Conflation virgins. Don't worry; participation is not mandatory.)
Steampunk DIY workshops
"What is Steampunk" panels
Leatherworking 101 workshop
Merchants, vending out of their rooms so that trying on clothes is easy and comfortable.
Special currency and a shoppe in which to spend that currency. (The court and the Goddesses give "beads" or other small markers to people who are contributing to the convention. The beads are then spendable in the bead store on Sunday.)

And much much more.
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I've posted about the con before. The website is still conflation.org
This year's theme is "Steampunk". Yep. An adults-only Steampunk convention, right here in the midwest.

Over 21 only, it is called a "Relaxacon" because it is a low-key opportunity to hang out with other members of Fandom, away from the kids, with minimal programming and plenty of fun on the menu.

In previous years it has been a great variety of things, in much the way that all fan-run conventions shift their focus depending upon who was in charge and what the climate was like. It has, in previous years, been:
Sharkcon, and all of its incarnations. Sharkcon/Czarcon was many things in and of itself. It gave way to Conflation when it changed hands.
Conflation: a con-with-no-kids, complete with a heavy programming schedule
Conflation: a con with specifically adult themes, with a heavy programming schedule
Conflation: a con with specifically NO themes, with an anything-goes attitude and a very light programming schedule
Conflation: A themed convention with hot parties and cool programming.

In some incarnations it attracted a number of big name fans, local celebrities, and all the people you went to conventions to visit. In others, it became spectacularly unattractive to those same people and irresistibly attractive to people who didn't attend SF/F cons, only BDSM/Swinger/Sex-themed/GBLT conventions.

Conflation does not exclude anyone due to their lifestyle, creed, sex, attitudes, or race.

On the other hand, when we got too far away from SF/F themed relaxacon programming a number of problems surfaced. Many years have passed and many of the problems have been solved.

Some people say that the con is "Just like it used to be" which is rubbish.
Nothing ever goes back to the way it was. Not ever. For one thing, that would be boring. For another, it is impossible to realign the stars, the attendees, the cultural climate, and the weather for a complete repeat performance.

No, I prefer to say that the con has a whole bunch of things that appeal to me, personally. I see a lot of things that I believe would be appealing to my friends, specifically. As such, I want to see more of my friends at this convention, because I think it is BETTER than it "used to be." (Keep in mind that I've been going to Conflation since before it was Conflation.)

Can you wear your sexiest, slinkiest gear at the con? Absolutely. Just make sure that you bring something to wrap up in when you're walking through the lobby. (If for no other reason that the lobby tends to be VERY COLD.)

Will there be programming that falls into the category of NSFW? Sure! Adults like to have fun, and some of that fun doesn't include the "kiddies". I myself am hosting a Victorian Steampunk Burlesque show, and I assure you that there is plenty to titillate your senses.

Will there be programming that isn't about sex? Of course! What's more, with this year's theme we have a whole bunch of great ideas to share with the rest of the fans. For example, the Nerf War is back (Friday night AND Sunday afternoon!) There's so much programming this year that they had to start considering Friday afternoon for some of it!

Will there be room parties? You bet your @ss. So far I'm only hearing about three or four, but I'm hoping for more. I myself am too overcommitted to host anything in my room.

Will there be a hospitable Hospitality suite? Are you KIDDING!? Our hospitality suite has FOOD in it, and boozes that aren't beer!

Are they still doing that "King and Queen of the con" nonsense? Yep, and I'm wearing one of the tin hats this year. So come out and support me!

Yeah, but isn't it expensive? Guys, the at-the-door rate is $30. When was the last time you paid $30 at the door at a con?! The hotel isn't even really that expensive, and the con rate is remarkably similar to the "internet" rate of $79 or so. And like I said, the hospitality suite has food in it.

I hear that last year's dance was awesome and The Place To Be all night on Saturday. Well, to be fair, I throw a great party and I was the one in charge of decorations. I'm doing it again this year with an awesome theme, and we have a very agreeable DJ once again.

OMGWTFBBQ the guest of honor is Jennie Breeden?! Yep, the writer/artist/publisher from The Devil's Panties. And Geebas on Parade. And a bunch of OTHER stuff! (Vampires, sucky customers, you name it.) And yes. She's the one with a leaf-blower and an agenda. Mwa ha ha!

In short (too late!) I want you to come to the con. I want you to bring your most awesome friends, too. I want you to bring your best Steampunk gear and be ready for a rip-roaring good time!
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Steampunk Burlesque Meeting
Sunday, January 11th
House of Party in Fenton, MO.

If you are interested in performing (or assisting) in the Burlesque Show at Conflation, I need you to attend, and to please LET ME KNOW that you are coming. (You may leave a comment here, or you may also feel free to email me or send me a message via LJ.)

On the Agenda:
-Divvying up the roles
-Designing the Steam Organ for the Piano Man
-Discussion regarding rehearsals
-Discovering which costumes can be pieced together from what we already have, and which pieces need to be constructed or acquired

No costuming necessary for this meeting.
Boys and Girls both welcome.
Low tea will be served. (Hot tea and some snacks set on end tables.)
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Conflation this year will be February 20-22nd, the theme is "Steampunk". www.conflation.org

It has been a great many years since I put on a show at Conflation, and I'm feeling nostalgic.

I'm putting together a Steampunk Burlesque Show for FRIDAY night at Conflation. Would you like to come play with me?
Since "Burlesque" originally was nothing more than low-brow musical parody (think SNL!) with ladies on the stage (as performers, distractions, etc.) I intend to showcase a variety show of silly sketches interspersed with modern Burlesque performances.

I have written several sketches, and am interested in finding out who can commit to this project. I need actors, dancers, singers, stage ninjas, backstage dressers/undressers, audience shills, writers, musicians, and the like. Some of you have already been contacted regarding a particular part or project, some of you haven't... yet.

Please respond promptly with an email or by commenting here with your email address so that I can put you on my personal email list to keep you abreast of the situation as it develops. I'm not going to bother with a Yahoogroup or LJ community or anything, just emails amongst ourselves. (Comments are screened, of course.)

Some potential questions and their answers:
"Thanks for inviting me, but I don't want to go on the stage."
No problem, although I should point out that I will also need backstage helpers, shills in the audience to provide a few carefully scripted cat-calls, and help building props/costumes/set pieces. If you are interested in helping out with some non-performance related activities, let me know!

"Will anyone else see my email?"
No, I intend to make these messages "BCC" only, but if you wish for your email to be shared, simply speak up. If the group at large decides unanimously that the emails should be visible to each other, we'll do it that way instead.

"I want to join in the fun, but not using the email you used for this message."
Send me an email and tell me which address you'd prefer for me to use.

"I am not interested, but my friend is!"
Send me your friend's contact info, and I will contact them privately. Warn them that I will be contacting them, please!

"Are we going to get paid for this? Is this a Troupe performance?"
No, and No.
This is something I am doing purely for the fun of it. I am not being paid, you are not being paid. Conflation couldn't afford a "professional" presentation, anyway. The good news is that I'm very relaxed about the show and so long as everyone has a good time I will call it a success! So don't worry about living up to a professional reputation, come to a few rehearsals, and let's put on a show "in the barn!"

"I have a cool idea for a skit of my own!"
Email me and tell me all about it! Keep it short and funny and I'll include it in the show, and help you recruit actors and help with sets, props, or costumes. However, the deadline for new submissions is going to have to be January 20th.

"I live out of town, can I still play?"
Keeping in mind that our show will be on Friday night, (Probably long about 8pm or later, after Opening Ceremonies) let me know if you think you can make it in town in time to play. If you can arrive with a fully-formed performance of some kind or other, let me know and I'll work it into the schedule!


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