May. 24th, 2016 05:21 pm
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Well, I'm sick.
Rattle and wheeze, cough cough cough.
And snot. Plenty of snot.

This is slowing down the move and annoying me to no end.


May. 11th, 2016 04:42 pm
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Hey there, True Believers!

As many of you know, I own a collapsible wheelchair. I have used it for years for Rocky Horror and other stage productions.

I must downsize my collection. MANY of my things are "Going Away".

I just found out that there's a donation event this Saturday at Walgreen's to collect medical equipment. I figured that I'd donate the wheelchair to that effort, UNLESS there is someone who still reads this journal who wants the chair.

It *MUST* leave my possession before the 4th of July. Period.
If I can get any kind of compensation for it, great. I really just want it to go to a good home. So if you have someone in your life who has a need for it, or you want it for stage/theatrical use, let me know right away. I'll even deliver it to you if you need me to.

Also on-topic: I have too much stuff. I need to dispose of a significant amount of things before the 4th of July.
Speak to me immediately if you're looking for furniture, craft items, toys, tools, (Dear GOD, particularly tools), Camping equipment, costumes, and more.

Donations are appreciated, but removing these things from my life is appreciated even more.

Contact is easiest by phone, but I'll try to monitor my online life, too. (No internets at my house. Sad face.)
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On Saturday, my S.O. and I had to let our beloved Bel go.
She was, a one friend would often say, The World's Most Perfect Cat.
Farewell, Kitty Crack Ho.
You can now be reborn and come back to a different Jellicle life.

Many thanks to our friends for their generous support. You know who you are, and what you did.
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"It's Alive" Machine Care Seminar
Thursday, March 31st
1:30-4pm and again 6-8:30pm
At Jackman's Fabrics

Back by popular demand, this is the demonstration ALL sewing machine owners should attend. We use a Mad Science theme to teach basic machine care for customers, including industry secrets about thread, bobbins, needles, and gadgets. This seminar was developed to be educational and entertaining for any and all people who sew.


There is no fee, and it does not matter what brand of machine you own.

My new lab assistant and I have revamped the previous program to include new information, better visual aids, and all new stories and jokes!

No matter who you are or what machine you own, this seminar will have important information for you!

March 31st is coming soon, so please call to sign up right away before all the seats are taken!

Also, it's my seminar. This is my personal baby and I am very proud of what I've put together. Note: Personal friends can go to dinner with me between the seminars, too. Contact me directly if you want to hang out that day!
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Hey there, true believers!
My S.O. and I have been without a refrigerator for almost two months.

We moved our fridge into the apartment, but the hardware to reattach the doors was not with the fridge.

We had many helpers, and I don't know who was involved in the moving of the fridge.

Please, please, please: if you know anything about the current location of the hardware to reattach the doors, let me know immediately. Replacing the hinges and screws will be over $100. We are stretched thin as it is.
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Oh for crying out loud.

Of course, I waited until the last minute to deal with insurance crap. And as it happens, my S.O.'s work would offer us some craptastic insurance that DOESN'T cost over $500 per month, but the enrollment period came and went and no one informed him.

In fact, the posted information at his job was incorrect.

But too bad, so sad.

So I did the marketplace thing today and it looks like we qualify... for insurance that, at its cheapest, is over $500.

Before you all jump in to tell me what I *should* have done, I already know.
Comments with suggestions for what I ought to do *now* are gratefully welcomed.

Also: Rent is due tomorrow. It will wipe out what he and I have collectively. We'll each have about $20 to last until our next paycheck, which for me is Feb. 9th.
At least he gets paid weekly.

We had to invest a little more than $100 in parts for the damn fridge, because the envelope full of hardware he taped to the fridge was removed by a helpful mover. The parts are not stocked in-town; we're waiting on them now. And still living out of coolers.

Psst: Can any helpful movers provide us with information on where in the universe our envelope full of fridge brackets and screws went?


I've got a couple of digitizing projects that will pay off soon, but otherwise I don't have any embroidery in the queue.
Psst: I can do work like this:*t-black-tie

Or turn words or names into snowflakes or crosses using similar techniques.

I can monogram the crap out of things.

I can embroider toilet paper.

I embroider hats.

My new card will read: "We do the weird stuff" because I totally do.

Also: I sell things. Speak to me. If I have a thing you covet, I might sell it to you.
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As it happens, a friend of mine lives in the neighborhood. As it happens, he has a spare room that he's not really using.

He offered me use of it for an office, and I have moved my Mac and a desk and a rolling bookcase in.

Oh, sweet keyboard. How I have missed you.
And my lovely, lovely internet.

I should be able to do more updates from now on. I'm looking forward to sharing my stories and foibles.

Particularly since the dust has begun to settle properly... and a new crisis has arisen.
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First David Bowie, now this.

By Grapthar's Hammer, I shall avenge thee, Alan.

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For Christmas, the thing I wanted was to move the couch pieces into the Hotel California.
Turns out that the couch won't fit through the front door.
while it will fit through the back door, it won't fit through the kitchen door, which means we can only put it in the bedroom or the kitchen.

That sound you are hearing is the thud thud thud of my S.O. and I banging our heads against a wall. The wailing is him.

Looks like we are basing our living room on the fainting couches.

Posting from my phone means that I must be brief and to the point. I don't get to tell my usual meandering stories and amuse everyone with the wacky details of my life.

Since I'm at work at the moment, I can elaborate:

1. "Disassemble, re-assemble, Stephanie!"
Oh, we KNOW how to disassemble. I had my S.O., Brother 1, and my Papa all helping me.
My S.O. had those feet off the couch before it left the truck.
Papa took every relevant door off the frames. (He almost fixed the front door, too, though he is going to need to replace the hinge.)
If there was any further dis-assembly, it would have been the kind that I can't RE-assemble.

2. "When God closes a door, he opens a window..."
We have already discussed the possibility of using the windows to get the couch into the correct room. My Papa has a winch and pulley system and things and stuff. He's suggested that we exploit the breezeway, though some complex measurements will have to happen first. I figure that we can just make it crawl up the wall, or possibly go to the roof in order to get the couches in.

3. "Spectator Sport"
I do now have a nice corner of the Couch of Doom installed in my bedroom. My thought was that couches afford... angles... that beds do not. What's hilarious is that my S.O. did not come to that same conclusion; he observed instead that it is a great place to put a peanut gallery...
We also snagged a second projector for Christmas. (Thanks, Bro 1!) I figure we put it on the shelves pointing above the bed, and we can curl up on the couch to watch movies.

4. "Second verse, same as the first, moving again is a little bit worse..."
I might need to find a long-term storage option for the rest of the Couch of Doom. For the time being it is safe at Papa's house, but I hope to eventually clear all my things from that location. We are not currently interested in selling it. We may decide to move again when our lease is up, which is certainly an option. I intend to let our landlord know that if a better property comes available to speak to us.

5. "Oh, Oh, I feel faint..."
This is the perfect opportunity to properly restore those gorgeous fainting couches. I like them very much and I don't want to lose them if I can help it. Eventually they might make their way into my sewing studio, which was where I wanted them in the first place. NOTE: If you have a steam cleaning apparatus and/or advice about restoring them, I'm all ears. Or will be, if you call me. :D
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As usual, I have the 31st off but I have to work on January 1st.
My S.O. and I want to host a New Year's Eve EVE party on the 30th. That's Wednesday night, 8 til Late.

contact me via text or email for address and directions.

Spread the word!
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Well, as most of you know, I have entirely too much stuff. So much so that I'll likely be renting a storage unit eventually.

However, since people like to give, here's my greed list:

1. Handcrafted anything. I love handmade gifts. Knitted or croched something or other? YES! Please! Hand or machine sewn things? Super! Embroidery, either by machine or by hand? Yum! Maybe you bought it on Etsy. Maybe you snagged it at a craft faire. Maybe you made it yourself. In any event, I love it. I'll take it. I'll rub my face all over it.

2. Consumables. You all know this by now: paper goods, spices, food components, lush products, interesting make-up... you know. Stuff to use up and enjoy. Savory foods without MSG. Snacky foods without sugar or MSG. Fruit from Harry and David. (I love those pears so very much...) Something like a casserole I can heat up later. A gift certificate for a home-made meal some time in the future.

3. Music/movies: Being that I'm without the beloved internet, I need to go old-fashioned with my stereo and DVD player. No streaming for me. So CDs, DVDs, and gift cards for similar items are well appreciated.

4. I say this every year and no one ever takes me up on it. TICKETS. TICKETS TO SHOWS. Oh, dear lord I love a live presentation of any kind of art. Community theater? YES! Big-budget shows? HEll yeah! Comedian? Bring it on! Symphony? Yes, please! Weird little dive being played by a random local band? YUp, as long as it's a non-smoking venue. (Also I'm not a fan of the pageant these days.)

5. Cash: Well, duh. Also small amounts of cash are loved as much as a $20 in my stocking.

And the NOPE NOPE NOPE list:
1. Sugar. Please don't give me cookies. Don't give me chocolates. Past the 15th it's hard to eat them all before the end of the year, and at that point I'm supposed to be stepping down from the sugar rush. After the 25th it's just plain cruel. (Special note: If you give me hand crafted marshmallows, I'll forgive you. And likely eat them all at once. Nom.)

2. Sit-pretty trinkets. Yes, I love cats. Yes, I like leopard things. Yes, I like candles. Yes, I like mermaids. I also have a metric TON of these things. I don't need any more.

3. Internet-related stuff. In other words, if I need the internet to enjoy your gift, you may as well give me a hug instead.



Dec. 10th, 2015 08:45 pm
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We still need to move some furniture. My S.O. is leading an expedition to move the couch of doom, and maybe some book cases.

This is going to happen on Friday afternoon/evening, and/or Saturday morning.

If anyone is available to help, please call or text either me or him.

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Wedding traditions always seem to be based upon how things were done 100 years ago, or were done for 100s of years before the industrial revolution.

So when my brother started trying to explain some things to me to prepare me for his wedding, it was important to keep this in mind; and that the traditions in question originated in northern India.

So imagine a wedding arranged between two people in different villages. In fact, most marriages were arranged, and between different villages to spread the gene pool around. It's efficient and it makes sense.
When it is time for the ceremony, the Groom assembles his party and heads off to the bride's village. (Town, city, circle of houses, whatever.) He rides a white horse and his family and friends literally party the whole way from his town to hers.

In the bride's town, they can hear the celebration miles off. They start their own preparations, including decorating the bride in Henna.

When the Groom's party arrives, he is greeted by the mother of the bride, who leads him to the temple where they will be participating in the wedding ceremony. Once inside the temple, he must remove his shoes because he is in a sacred place.

He hands those shoes to his brother (and/or siblings, family, etc.)

This is where it gets weird. There is a long-standing tradition where the bride's family tries to steal those shoes from the groom's party, through guile, trickery, or outright physical force.

Of course, it's not any stranger than, say, vandalizing the vehicle of the bride-and-groom at a traditional American wedding, by putting shaving cream on the windshield, marker all over the car, tying shoes and tin cans to the bumper, and the like.

It's a prank. Something to relieve the boredom from a five-day wedding ritual.

Should the bride's family snatch those shoes, the Groom must then pay his new Father in Law a ransom in the amount of hundreds of dollars in order to get his shoes back.

So Brother 1 tried to explain all of this to me.
I considered this, then asked him WHY THE HELL anyone would WANT his shoes. "Don't they know what a funk factory your shoes are? Did you tell your soon to be Father In Law that we used to make you take your shoes off ON THE PORCH and wouldn't let them come into the house? How about that time that Papa made me clean the basement because he thought the stench down there was coming from something I'd sent down in the laundry... and it was YOUR funky shoes that he couldn't stand?"

Brother 1 laughed and nodded. "Oh, they know. They don't care."

I pondered this for a moment. "Do you really want us to defend your shoes? Like, is this some thing where we're supposed to let them get them?"

"I don't want to pay a ransom for my shoes."

"So we're supposed to really fight for your shoes."


"My brother, they will never touch them."

"Oh, I know. Brother 2 is an athlete, an octopus, and never loses at anything he ever does."

"And I'm the velociraptor they never saw in the bushes."


As his sister, I also apparently had to shake a charm behind his head.

I shook the shit out of it.

To replicate the traditions, the groom's party started as a gathering in the lobby cocktail lounge. I arrived more or less on time with a large, decorated wooden box in the shape of a treasure chest. Inside, I had my gift and an Indian scarf. Once I arrived, I realized that it was going to be way easier to manage my own stuff if I put my jacket and purse inside the chest.
Everyone asked about it, and I explained that it was for keeping Brother 1's shoes in. Most of them had heard something or other about the shoe thing, so they were all impressed. A few of the insiders (Brother 2, Not-quite-a-Brother3, etc) found out that I not only intended to make a show of putting the shoes in the box, I intended to use it as a decoy. Put the shoes in, find some way to slip the shoes out, make a big show of the box while the shoes are actually hidden elsewhere.

Then the groom's party made their way upstairs to the 12th floor. Family first, then extended family and friends, finally culminating in the groom making his way on the elevator. There was fabulous music and dancing going on, so I joined in, dancing and throwing my hands in the air. The extended family was less uninhibited, which made me a bit sad.

Once Brother 2 got there, he called for Brother 2, who dutifully headed over to the elevator so that Brother 1 could climb on his back. That's right; in lieu of a white horse, Brother 1 rode a white guy to his wedding.

Brother 2 put him down and they played "I Feel Good" by James Brown. Brother 1 did a whole dance routine to it in the hallway. I shook the crap out of that charm behind him and danced, too.

Then they marched him down the hallway to where the temporary temple was set up.

It was gorgeous. Silken sheers draped everywhere, flowers, statues... lovely. I winked at Ganesha and took my spot in the front row on the groom's side. Brother 1 removed his shoes, gave them to Brother 2, and I made a big deal out of placing them ceremonially in the box.
A photographer from the bride's side came over asking to take pictures, but offering to move that box out of the way first. I sweetly picked it up and moved it, nearly sitting on it. The second row murmured, "Nice try, fella."
The entire Groom's side was on full alert. We're game-playing people. We love monkey business. We love pranks.

We were ready. Bring it on.

Sure enough, before they got the parents settled, a lovely young lady (let's call her Perky Becky) from the hotel staff came over and was talking to Brother 2. Brother 2 was giving her stoneface and telling her "no."
I leaned over with my nice-lady smile and asked what was wrong.

"Well, Ma'am, for the safety of the wedding party we need to remove all packages from this room. We can keep your gifts in the conference room next door. We're going to need that box as well."

Brother 2 is still shaking his head with Stoneface on.

I smiled. "I see. I will go ahead and unpack the box, then you can take it."
"Uh..." she responded.
"Miss, my PURSE is in that box, as is my phone. You may not take either of them."
"Oh. Uh... well... ok..."

Meanwhile, my mother cheerfully handed her gift to Perky Becky.

I opened the box, removed my gift and handed it over. Elaborately. Brother 2 quietly wrapped the shoes in the Indian scarf and set them next to him. I set my jacket on top of the shoes, retrieved my phone and put my purse back in the box.

"Will this be kept safe?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Ok. My purse is still in there."

Sent the box out the door with Perky Becky.

Brother 2 sat quietly with the shoes hidden from view.

For an Indian ceremony, the bride and groom sit with her parents on one side and his parents on the other. There is a lot of chanting, throwing flower petals on the altar, throwing oil and flowers into the fire, more chanting, presentations from the bride's family, more chanting, flinging flower petals on the bride and groom, and chanting.

Did I mention the chanting? It was lovely.

Another trope was the veil, but it is not the bride who is veiled; it's the groom! When the bride is about to enter the temple, the bride's family members hold up a sacred cloth (like a small table cloth) in front of the groom as a screen. This serves two purposes; it prevents him from seeing her approach, and prevents her from seeing him. They were both pleased by the reveal, though it's not like they were surprised. :)

At the end of the ceremony, we all cheered and we filed out. I found Perky Becky and said, "Can I have my box back now, please?"

She giggled. "Of course. I'm so sorry. They put me up to it." She led me to the conference room where I found the gift and the box. I put the gift back in the box (double checked my purse) and carried the chest out into the hallway just as I heard, "Brother 2! Brother 1 needs his shoes now!!"
So I scurried over to Brother 2 and paraded next to him. Dozens of the brides brothers, cousins, friends, neighbors, and whoever pointed to my wooden chest saying, "Hey! There's no shoes in there!"

"There might be shoes in here."

"There's NOT! The shoes are NOT in there!"

"They *could* be. You don't know."

So I carried Schrodinger's Shoes down the hallway, and the closer we got to Brother 1, the more crowded it became.

Ah. This would be the physical tussle. Bring it on.
I called to my brother telling him I had his shoes. He said that he was glad and stood tall waiting for us. Brother 2 was right behind me, so I stepped forward with the box.

"I've saved your shoes, my brother. Behold!"
And I opened the box.
"Aw, crap. I lied. I *don't* have your shoes. There are no shoes in this box!"

At that moment, Brother 2 dove for Brother 1's feet and got Shoe 1 on Foot 1.

And it was a madhouse.
I know a floor tussle; I have two younger brothers.
Also, I was wearing a traditional Indian garment that was NOT a sari. I was, in fact, wearing pants.
Yeah, I was on the floor. Between the two of us, we got Brother 1's shoes on both of his feet, though it was a near thing.

Finally, we stood up, announcing our victory.
Brother 1 said, "I HAVE KEPT MY SHOES!!"

The Bride's Family replied, "But WHERE IS YOUR BRIDE?"

Brother 1 was also prepared for this contingency, and produced three envelopes, which had random amounts of money in them. He used this to bribe the youngest members of her family to tell him where they put his bride.

After that, it was mostly like an American wedding reception, though the meal was traditional Indian food. (And excellent.) Some of the music was very hip modern Indian pop music, so that was a treat. Some of the music was classic American pop music and some was fusion. The Bollywood remix of "Turn Down For What" was particularly awesome.
Instead of Best Man and Maid Of Honor speeches, the family was asked to speak. My family kept it brief, humorous, and sweet.

Including me.

Here's what I said:

"Oh, no. They gave me a mike. Mwa ha ha. Hi, everyone. I'm the Groom's Sister. I have a unique perspective because I lived for three years in a world with no Brother 1 in it. Then he arrived, and I'll tell you that the world is better with him in it.
I thought about what I could say today, on this happy occasion, but I found that I was strangely obsessed with his shoes."
(Medium laugh. Brother 1 is looking at me with a smile.)
"So let me tell you a story about Brother 1's shoes."
I made eye contact with him. His smile froze for a moment. Sucker. You gave me a mike on your wedding day.
"As it happens, he's always had a problem finding shoes that fit well and give him adequate support. See, he was born with a foot issue. He wasn't born with the feet of an athlete; he was born with feet for someone who would sit still and do nothing."
(Big laugh. I have you now.)
"So faced with this obstacle, Brother 1 worked harder. He pushed harder. He thought outside the box to find a way to get what he wanted, and as you all well know he has become a talented athlete and everyone wants him on their team."
I looked at my new Sister in Law.
"That's what you bought today. That's what you got: A guy who, when you face obstacles in your life, will work harder, push longer, and think outside the box to get you what you want. And now, you get to live a life that has Brother 1 in it."

I'm a good sister. At no point did I use the phrase "Foot Funk Factory."


Dec. 10th, 2015 07:41 pm
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Happy Holidays, everyone!

I have a few minutes to post, so I thought I'd put some updates on here:

1. The Move: I'm still having nightmares about it, honestly. We successfully moved *out* (though that's what I'm having the recurring dreams about) but most of our stuff is at my Papa's place in Dogtown. This includes furniture. We need to get that stuff moved in as soon as we can. I had hoped to have it settled by the end of the year. Oh well.

2. The Holidaze: We are somewhat available for fun times, however if you don't call or text us we might not know about them. Since we have no internet at home I'm stuck with the trickle of data I have on my phone, which is mostly devoted to checking my email. (So yeah, you can email me. Be sure to use the Gmail address.)
One other thing: We absolutely need to know if there are going to be underage persons present at festivities. We do not wish to violate my S.O.'s parole agreement.

3. The Kids: Some of you have expressed concern that my S.O. might not get to see his own kids; this is where I make you all feel very very old. They're not underage anymore. Mr. J is 21, and Miss J turned 18 in September. Yeah. Go get your walker. You can come sit next to me in my rocking chair.

4. The Foods: He's back in the kitchen, folks. Mwa ha ha ha... Also we have cable TV (which is great since the DVD player is hiding somewhere) and we've been watching the cooking channel. We've been dreaming about hosting some kind of cook-off (a la Chopped, Iron Chef, Cutthroat Kitchen, etc.)

5. Brother 1's Wedding: Oh my goodness. I'm going to do a whole other post about that. Suffice to say that Brother 1 is now wedded to his darling Lady. Also, I can now say I've been to a traditional Indian wedding. It was amazing.

6. The Goats: My Crazy Aunt S came in for the wedding, and she agreed with me about the whole goat thing. I am now thinking that perhaps keeping goats would indeed be insane. After all, she is my CRAZY Aunt S. (Hint: Her daughter was the one behind Trek Expo. Some of you KNOW WHO I MEAN. Aunt S is crazier than the Red Scare.)

7. The Future: Here's hoping that my S.O. can get a better paying job. Before he left, he made twice what I did. Now he makes half what I do. The math actually works out that way almost exactly. This is not good. Here's hoping that I can get more embroidery work, particularly before the end of the year. Here's hoping that being without internet doesn't cut me off from my circle of friends entirely. :D

Just a reminder that I do have unlimited minutes and texts, so you can contact me on my magical non-zombified phone. I've had it about a year now, and I like it quite a lot.
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The details:
We're near Cherokee on California.

We're vacillating between calling it "the Rez" or the "Hotel California."
Because of the proximity to Cherokee, plus it's where we were "allowed" to live.

And also, it's the second floor unit of a duplex.
A south-side duplex.

Long, narrow staircase; no landing.

My S.O. says that between the hard labor at his factory job and the second floor apartment, he'll be in the best shape of his life.


I wheeze still sometimes, but it's getting better.

Also there's a place called The Fortune Teller Bar a few blocks away. Hmm. I should pick up a shift or two on their off nights...

Wanna come and see? Call me!


Nov. 16th, 2015 09:02 pm
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We have a home.

We're moved out of the old one. (Thank God, the Baby Demons, Cheeto, and all my amazing friends.)

The Doll Con went well.

No more event horizons. Not even my brother's wedding drama can touch me now.


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The Powers That Be have graciously given us until Monday to complete the move out.

This is good because we still have all of the bedroom, one table, all the chairs, all the camping equipment, all of the bathroom, and quite a lot of craft stuff to move.

The Good: books and the heaviest furniture have already been placed in storage.
The bad: there's still packing to do.
the ugly:o need a cleaning team, too, on Sunday.

Please please please help. Please put word out to anyone who knows us.

Call or text me.
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The good news:
We signed a lease!
We are coming down to the south side, baby!

The bad news:
We don't take possession of the property until later today.

The ugly news:
I have to surrender the keys at 3pm, with the place ready for inspection.

The better news:
Most of our stuff is at my father's place already. My friends have been most helpful and generous with their time and effort.

The worse news:
We are not even close to finished. Today, my SO had to go back to work.

I need moving and packing help like whoa.

Once this is all over, I get to move again, this time from my father's house to the new place off of Cherokee.
However, I get to take my time and do it properly this time.
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Moving day is actually moving week.
We still don't have a place to land, but we have a plan.

The stuff goes to my fathers garage and house.

We rent something skeezy for My S.O. until we secure a lease. Something like motel 6, or Extended Stay, or Vagrant's Delight. I can stay with him or at my fathers house until we find lodging.
Remember that my S.O. Can't live anywhere with Internet or computers.

Or within 1000 feet of a school, park with playground, day care or child care facility, public pool, and etc.

My boss just released me from training on Tuesday through Thursday, so that's what I have available to finish packing and get this crap moved.

If you can help, even if it's just for an hour or two here or there, we would appreciate it.

Call me or text me.
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Just a reminder that our house is internet free. I sneak on erratically at work or sometimes at friends' places, but email is not a reliable way to reach me.
Replying to this journal is even less reliable.

Please call, and now I text, too!
( 314 ) 814 - 4094
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