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I miss writing.

I can't really write very well from my phone or my tablet, and digging out the tower to use a keyboard is difficult and obnoxious.

I need a keyboard.

I also kind of need that keyboard ready for me when I feel an urge to write. I'm not a very self-disciplined person. I'm not someone who schedules her art. I am someone who will be driven out of a sound sleep with an idea, someone who used to live surrounded by notebooks and pieces of paper. I'm trying to be paperless, and I got most of the way there.

Then The Powers That Be took my internet and my computer away from me.

My hand doesn't write fast enough to keep up with my brain. And once I got used to being able to edit on screen, lost my best physical editing skills.


And oh, there are stories. I'm still creating stories, I just do it in my head. I'd sure like to write them down.

I suppose I'll have to schedule some writing time. Maybe I can give up bathing? Or eating? Nothing will make me give up sleeping.

The good news is that my S.O. did some real work in the last couple of weeks, so hopefully he can throw some bucks my way. Unfortunately, the Real Work is random.


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