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So it happens that if I wanted to actually sew for a living, there are jobs available. I'm planning to see if any of those opportunities would be open to my S.O., since he has actually done factory assembly for clothing. (Me, I'm a custom-art-project worker.)

However, I am not sure that a sewing job is what I want at this time. It's becoming clear to me that the work I do is valuable to me, I love my customers, and I appreciate the challenges that are thrown in my direction.

My problem is in how I'm treated, and how I'm managed.

And that one worker who can only do the sales portion of our job. The latest weirdness? She recently whined to anyone who would listen about how *TIRED* her arm was after dusting the whole department. She came up with a "Dusting Chore List" divvying up all the items in our newly-expanded area amongst the various members of our department. As she is NOT my manager, I politely declined. What's weird is that I was the only one to politely decline.

The other thorn in my side is my S.O.'s P.O.
I think I've complained before about her, but it's just frustrating. She's a short, slender blonde woman who adds extra "s" to all of her siblants and often uptalks... while being nasty and exhibiting bully tactics when dealing with my S.O.
And my immediate knee-jerk reaction to bullies, and particularly Mean Girls is to pull out the STOP THAT cannon and open fire.

We've butted heads.

Which is a shame. I should be her ally, but she worked really hard to alienate me immediately. She's even gone so far as to say things to my S.O. like, "Well, if I were her that would be a deal-breaker".

Because people in his position clearly don't *deserve* a partner.

And since he can't use any of his marketable skills due to the restrictions placed on him by the system, he's working minimum wage physical labor jobs and taking home peanuts. She wouldn't let him take a promotion at the factory because he'd have to push the "Enter" button on a computer to confirm weights on the line. BECAUSE ITS A COMPUTER AND OMG YOU ARE A SMART PERSON AND I DON'T ACTUALLY KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT HOW COMPUTERS WORK AND YOU'LL USE THE ENTER BUTTON TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD AND EAT A BABY.

And that's the other thing that completely chaps my @ss. She's clearly threatened and intimidated by intelligence.
And assertiveness.

You can imagine how she sees me.

She has threatened him with re-incarceraton more than once. She has used the threat of federal searches to tell us that our home is unsafe and unsatisfactory. (Gee, the FBI didn't seem to have any trouble searching our property when they blew down our door at 6am with a warrant.)

The other day, I was at work and my S.O. was watching Anime with a mutual friend. She had been kind enough to bring her copy of Black Butler so that he could see it. The P.O. shows up, and gives him the third degree about "What are you watching?" and also, "Why is SHE here? Where is (Kukla)?"

I sent her a letter, last year. In it, I let her know what my general schedule is, particularly that I'm at work in the evening on Mondays and Thursdays. I've repeated this to her in person several times.

She couldn't be bothered to keep track of this stuff. I'm willing to bet that she doesn't even really know what my S.O. was convicted of, what the circumstances were, or anything about his life. She's just in charge of bullying him so that he won't EAT A BABY.


We have discussed complaining about her to a supervisor, but I'm not sure how to go about it. I found a friend of a friend who is a P.O. and her opinion is that we're being mistreated. I intend to talk to that person about how I can register a complaint.

My S.O. says that he's worried that we'd be getting rid of "King Log."
I pointed to the beak marks on our life and said, "Oh, no, honey. We've got King Stork now. I'm personally ready for a more different stork, or a new log."

Thing is, I just threw a reading with my cards and got really positive outcomes. But we're being crossed with The Empress.



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