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The season is in full swing by the look of things.

I joined a church choir, and I admit that I missed singing in a chorus. We're working on the Christmas Musial, and it sounds great. A couple of weeks ago was the annual Choir Banquet, and a "Christmas Music Night" at the church as well. Yay! Singing! Yay! Eating!

Anyone who wants to hear me sing in the choir on Christmas Day is welcome to the services at Overland Baptist Church. The party starts at 10:15am and on Christmas will include the musical presentation we've been working on. It's been really fun putting it together.

(I should amend that; everyone is welcome at OBC. For real. More on this in a different post.)

I'm looking around at New Year's events. One in particular stood out: Casaloma Ballroom is having a "do", with a 20's theme and burlesque show. It's around the corner from me so I can stumble home in peace and get a nap before going to work on New Year's Day. (Don't have to be in until 11:45, though...)
Also, there's been discussion of a party at the dwelling of the Curious Cat, which would likely be another excellent option.
On the other hand, my S.O. can't attend either one of those.

So if you know about some New Year's Eve revelry that does not include sexy shows OR children in the house, let a Kukla know!!


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