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Oh for crying out loud.

The truck, my beloved green Sonoma mini-truck, needs to be taken behind the shed and shot. It's been driving badly for a while now, and I finally took it in to get it looked at. Verdict?

Brake cable snapped; needs to be replaced.
Rear brake cylinder also needs to be replaced (probably due to damage from when the brake cable went. It's leaking brake fluid.)
That, alone, will be around $600. If that was all, I'd have blown everything I have to get the work done. I need a vehicle that runs.


It also needs new tires. Why?
The front alignment is completely wacky. What's more, it's old enough that the parts in question are rusty, so my mechanic will really have to replace things like tie rods and whatnot rather than adjusting them, to the tune of about $1000.

He actually opened the conversation with, "So, how much money do you want to sink into this truck?"

Engine runs ok, transmission shows no issues... so far. BUT there's another problem:
The odometer is... perhaps compromised. There's been a strange electrical problem in the dashboard for a while now. Periodically, there's a rave party in there, and everything lights up randomly. Sometimes the odometer is blank. Sometimes it shows a reading and changes as I drive. Sometimes it shows unparsable symbols and does nothing. The trip odometer resets each time I start the vehicle.

But, if the odometer (which is weirdly working today) turns out to be accurate, I'm at about 127000 miles.

It's an 03.

And here's the awful part: I still owe $2700 on it. Kelly Blue Book won't even give me a value on the damn thing in its current condition. I'm behind on the payments, too. Plus my credit is wrecked.

I talked to the Fusz network, they had a vehicle I wanted. However, they won't sell me something for less than about 10K. I don't really want a $10K vehicle. (Frankly, I don't want another vehicle, but I don't see a solution.) So I could get into a car I don't want for a price I don't want to pay, but it will likely be reliable for a couple of years while I figure my stuff out. I could maybe trade it in later for something more in keeping with my needs, I guess. They really want to shoehorn me into a Chevy Malibu or some such.

I went to Carmax; they have options, but the options are similar to the Fusz network. To be fair, I decided that the Dodge SUV/Wagon? wasn't too bad, although it was SILVER which... BLEAH.
Plus Carmax prices skew high; I have fear of my car not having any value after two years, compared to what I will have paid on it at that point.

I went to a little buy-here-pay-here place, they had the car I wanted, though not in the condition I would prefer. High miles, cheap price. I'd be paying $135... every two weeks. (Which to be fair is what I was paying before, split into two payments instead of coming due at the same time as RENT all the time...)
But they don't want my truck.

So it looks like I can:
Let Wells Fargo eat my truck. Volunteer to let them repossess it. Hope it doesn't wind up costing me money after they sell it. To be fair, my credit is already wrecked; I might as well just let them have the damn thing since I can't get it street-safe. (BLARGH.)
Then I could save up the $1000 that the corner place wants for their POS I'm trying to buy.

I could try to get Fusz to eat the truck, and drive something I don't like for too much money.
Ditto for Carmax.

Can I curl up in a corner and die now?


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