Jun. 17th, 2016

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Ok, so we're down to the last few pieces of furniture, and a metric ton of boxes.

I'm hoping for some Box-Brigade action this weekend. I'm off both Saturday and Sunday. However, my S.O. is on the hook to work both days.

So I need bodies! Helpers! HALP!

Ideally, I would like to be FINISHED this weekend, or at least get the last of my junk off of my father's property.

Anybody who can help, at any time between 10-10 either day: Let me know. Text me, call me, email me. Checking this journal for responses takes a while; it's linked to an email that is hard to get on my phone. Kids and Teens welcome until 3:30pm both days.

I'll feed you. I'll give you drinks. If you like Mexican food, there are spectacular offerings nearby and even I have found food to eat that is delicious.

Yes. I have. Holy crap.

If you have other dietary needs, I'm sure we can get something delicious for you.

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In my store, I sometimes meet celebrities. When we host events, they're "Sew-Lebrities".

However, most of the time the person in question is just in the store, buying fabric. Big Name Fans, local performers, Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus, that kind of thing.

Recently, I saw a young man come in and he was looking at fabrics at the front of the store. I recognized him from his posture, and his grace. I finished what I was doing, and then approached him with a friendly smile.

"Hi there," I began.
"Oh, hello," he replied.
"You perform locally on stage, don't you?"
"Uh, yeah, I do."
I hit him with my biggest smile. "I've seen you perform."
"Burlesque?" He asked, hesitantly.
"Yep. And I must tell you that I love your work. You are a genuinely gifted performer. I look forward to your future shows!"
"Oh," he replied, faintly surprised. "Well, thank you!"
"You are entirely welcome. We know some of the same people, too." I played the six-degrees-of-separation with him, because he's performed with the sister of someone extremely close to me.
Like, close enough that I had to be... vague... about it since my coworkers were in earshot.

Now. Those of you who know me, know that if I like something or someone I say something. I speak up. What's more, I'm far more likely to compliment an actor or singer on their specific work rather than that "I love you, man" or "I'm such a fan of (character name)". For me, this was a rare opportunity to make a connection with a talented performer, who is MOBBED after his shows and very hard to get close to during the after-show after-glow.

But, the coworker who rang up his sale came to me afterward and said, "You just made someone's day." She was just delighted that I had fangirled this guy and he apparently was delightfully overjoyed to have been recognized.

Today that same coworker came up to me and awkwardly said that in light of what has been happening, she was so glad that I had said such sweet things to that young man.

It took me a minute to process this, and then I realized that my middle-aged white sewing lady coworker witnessed the following:

A man came into our store. This is slightly unusual, but like many men who come into our store, he showed signs of being gay.
He was shopping, and I walked up to him and told him that he was beautiful, and that I loved his art.
The art in question is stage burlesque.

I'm not trying to toot my own horn or anything, I'm simply staggered that someone would think that what I did was special.

Be not afraid, folks.
When you like something, say something. Did your waiter impress you, bring you out of your Hangry bad mood, or do something over the top to make your day? Tell his manager. Did your bartender help you through your tough moment? Let her boss know that she's brilliant. Email your favorite comedian or comedienne and tell them that they've touched your life. (Psst: I did. She wrote me back!)

And tell your friends that you love them. Tell them that they have positively influenced your life. You never know when a kind word will dramatically improve someone's world.
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Still working on a Place For Everything, but I'm really pleased with the new layout of our apartment.

My S.O. has been designing and setting up The Media Room. Other people might have a "living room" or a "Family room". We have a Media Room. He set shelves into the wall above the Couch of Doom so that we can project onto the opposite wall. He also put up speakers and hopefully we can get the surround system working eventually.
We're planning to put books, DVDs, and gaming materials in that room, in addition to "kitchen overflow". My tea things are likely to go in there, along with unusual dishes, special party goods, etc.

The middle is the masterpiece. Er. I mean the Master Bedroom. It's the only bedroom, though I've now slept in each of the rooms except the kitchen. (Time for a post-meal nap?) We have a mantelpiece for a headboard. It's the first thing you really see when you come up the stairs. You should see that thing lit up with candles; it's glorious. There will be some fine-tuning in there (there are two dressers that need to switch places, I think) but as it is it's gorgeous.

The front room is now my Studio. It's not ready for me to *use* yet, but it will be, oh yes, precious. I'm still working out the positions of the bookcases and other furniture, but it's going to be a pretty phenomenal space. And the one window will KEEP it's pirate flag. (Yes, you can find my place by looking for the pirate flag in the second floor window. Is anyone surprised? I thought not.) It's also the largest room in the house and part of me is still dancing gleefully.

Other than the horrific storage problem (I seriously had two bedrooms devoted to nothing but storage) I'm quite pleased with our space. in truth, I was only using a bedroom, the living room, and the dining room of the Mint Cookie for my living space anyway.

Of course, there are drawbacks. When the weather doesn't dip below 90 at night, it turns out that even the central A/C can't keep up with it on the second floor. It gets WARM in there, man. So we complained to the landlord and he sent a maintenance guy to check it out. Their solution was to deliver a brand new window unit. Now I know why all the windows seem to have random wood scrap; I'll bet the previous tenant had window units on top of the central A/C, too.

And the bathroom continues to be entirely too small, but the kitchen is HUGE, so that kind of makes up for it.

All this points to one thing:
UNDERWEAR PARTY. This is THE place to throw an UNDERWEAR PARTY. Everyone, go find your most comfortable, most entertaining underthings. Sometime soon we're all going to lay in a big pile and watch something weird.
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If you like any of the above, you really ought to come to our Midsummer Night's Labyrinth event next weekend.

June 24, 2016
OBC Educational Building (Near the intersection of Midland and Woodson.)

All of you will fail entirely to be surprised that I'm throwing an event with a Labyrinth/MND theme. Really, it's just another one of my Goblin Ball concepts, this time skewed toward the doll collectors.

BUT WAIT: I'm going to have a sale table, and while there will be toys there will also be... costumes. Partylite pieces for stupid cheap. Clothes. Kitchen gadgets. Things. Stuff.

And I'm not the only dealer, either; I've got two people interested in sharing their wares.

Plus, we will have a Goblin King!

Feel free to share a snack on our pot luck table, and don't forget to add to Can's Labyrinth! We're going to build a Labyrinth out of donations to the food pantry, so be sure to bring some canned food, personal care items, etc.

There will be raffles, and donations to the pantry earn you free raffle tickets!

Let me know if you need more info (or visit our website at stlbjdcon.com)


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