Jan. 31st, 2016

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Oh for crying out loud.

Of course, I waited until the last minute to deal with insurance crap. And as it happens, my S.O.'s work would offer us some craptastic insurance that DOESN'T cost over $500 per month, but the enrollment period came and went and no one informed him.

In fact, the posted information at his job was incorrect.

But too bad, so sad.

So I did the marketplace thing today and it looks like we qualify... for insurance that, at its cheapest, is over $500.

Before you all jump in to tell me what I *should* have done, I already know.
Comments with suggestions for what I ought to do *now* are gratefully welcomed.

Also: Rent is due tomorrow. It will wipe out what he and I have collectively. We'll each have about $20 to last until our next paycheck, which for me is Feb. 9th.
At least he gets paid weekly.

We had to invest a little more than $100 in parts for the damn fridge, because the envelope full of hardware he taped to the fridge was removed by a helpful mover. The parts are not stocked in-town; we're waiting on them now. And still living out of coolers.

Psst: Can any helpful movers provide us with information on where in the universe our envelope full of fridge brackets and screws went?


I've got a couple of digitizing projects that will pay off soon, but otherwise I don't have any embroidery in the queue.
Psst: I can do work like this:

Or turn words or names into snowflakes or crosses using similar techniques.

I can monogram the crap out of things.

I can embroider toilet paper.

I embroider hats.

My new card will read: "We do the weird stuff" because I totally do.

Also: I sell things. Speak to me. If I have a thing you covet, I might sell it to you.


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